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Episode #31 proved to be too much show for just one podcast, so be sure after you listen to Side A, you flip it over to Side B to hear our discussion with Rank's delightful boyhood hero, the rugged Jack Youngblood.

 Side A: Rank ambushes the show with his one-on-one interview with Bills star Fred 'Action' Jackson; we also bring in Handsome Hank to yap about the silly controversy surrounding Ndamukong Suh's alleged remarks directed at Matt Ryan; we also talk about Timmy Tebow's short and long-term future under center; we introduce the newest Tie to our rack of producers; and we jump in the DeLorean and head to next Tuesday to see who wins this weekend's big games.

 Side B: Jack Youngblood kibitzes about playing on a broken leg; the (mis)treatment he's gotten from his old franchise since it moved to St Louis; the Rams' '79 run to the Super Bowl; tearing his bum on the ice in Minnesota; and more!

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