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Welcome to episode number eight of the Dave Dameshek Football Program. The fellas discuss who the greatest number eight in NFL history, and conclude that it is Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman. The bigger news is the revealing of the NFL uniform playoff bracket as the guys pick the division winners and wild cards in an attempt to pick the team that has the greatest uniform in the NFL right now.

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What could possible cause our esteemed host to nearly walk out on the job? Don’t play coy, you know exactly what it was. Packers QB Aaron Rodgers — the Super Bowl MVP — is ranked No. 11 in the Top 100. You know, that list of the top players of the past year? Yeah, the Super Bowl MVP didn’t crack the Top 10. Hopefully this won’t keep you from listening.

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They boys continue their discussion with NFL maven Jason La Canfora. The NFL's top information man dazzles us with his deep knowledge of punk, 80s metal and inter-league baseball. There might have been some football mixed in, too. But to be honest, it was hard to not be impressed by his encyclopedia-like knowledge of music -- even though he sided with Lynyrd Skynyrd over the Allman Brothers.

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There is no argument that John Elway is the leader in the clubhouse for NFL players who wore No. 7. Even though there is a half-hearted argument given to Ben Roethlisberger. But is the jersey No. 7 the greatest sports number ever? The gang discusses that and Dave gives his view on who wore No. 7 the best -- Mickey Mantle or Elway.

The gang also gets into the business of which Los Angeles Rams jersey is the best of all-time, based off Adam Rank's Pick Six.

You might want to sit down for this news -- our own Necktie Milner got us a guest! And a damn good one, if I don't mind saying so -- Jason La Canfora.   Great guest, Dylan.

In other words, this was not only a pure delight, but just the first-part of a special edition of the Dave Dameshek Football Program.

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Dave and Rank go through numbers 31-to-21 on the Top 100 list, including: whether Phil Rivers belongs so far ahead of draft classmates Roethlisberger and Manning; why Arian Foster is so low; and Roddy White vs. Calvin Johnson.

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Dave lambasts Rank for his Pick Six list of the NFL players he'd most like to see win a Super Bowl and offers up some better alternatives; the fellas debate if the Heat would've made the most hated champion in sports history; Dave and Rank choose which of the five teams being talked about for a move to L.A. would make the most sense;  and Dave tells a winning tale about his brush with a beer-filled Stanley Cup.  Oh, it's sweet.

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Dave and Rank tackle the next 10 players unveiled in the Top 100 players of 2010 list.  The two are up-in-arms over the player at No. 32 and another guard at No. 34.  

Overall, it's a thin slice of heaven - unless you're player No. 32 or 34.

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Interesting coincidence the Congressman Anthony Wiener scandal – aka “Wienergate” – happens to have broken here in the month of June, considering next week marks the 39th anniversary of the Watergate arrests.Since that time, every scandal has had the whole “—gate” thing. Enough is enough. Dave decides once and for all to put this business to rest.  Then the gang discuss the worst teams to root for, Plaxico Burress' return, and more in this thin slice of heaven. 

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Dave and Rank hit anger level five with the latest episode of the Top 100, numbers 50-41. Dave is particularly incensed that Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger did not crack the top 40, let alone the top ten. Apparently the players who voted on this did not see Roethlisberger come within two minutes of winning his third Super Bowl. Rank is especially interested in Brian Urlacher and how he will be regarded by Hall of Fame voters when his judgment day comes a-callin.’  

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With the hateable Heat on their way to an NBA title, Dave & Rank discuss the most despised teams in the NFL; the fellas also review Dave's playoff for the title "NFL QB Franchise", then set up a playoff for which team has had the most good linebackers; Dave announces the best player jersey for a Packers fan to wear; and finally, Handsome Hank pays a visit with his Tweet of the Week.  In summation, if you like football, you'll love this podcast.  Probably.

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