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That's right, football is back and the fellas could not be more thrilled about it's return. And you notice that nobody ever threatened to walk away from the NFL like the fans of other sports do during a labor strife. And you want to know why? Football is king, that's why. That is why today's show is chalk full of football talk. Who are the front runners for the Super Bowl? What coach is setting himself up for failure? And is Adam Rank's weight balloon beyond healthy levels?

All of that in more in this thin slice of heaven we like to call, The Dave Dameshek GRIDIRON Program. (Or football for now.)

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With the NFL lockout drawing to a close, the boys take a gander at what NFL free agency will look like. Although, only after the fellas decide to take the proceedings outside in the gorgeous California sun — mostly to keep the bronze age alive. The gang also takes a look one of the top summer blockbusters debuting this week, Captain America, and talk about why Superman might be the most overrated superhero of all-time. And finally, the gang looks at the team that might have the best collection of all-time running backs.


Won’t you have some fun and have a listen?

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Is it time to start rooting for a new team? The fellas get to the bottom of this James Harrison business by getting the story straight from Men’s Journal writer Paul Solotaroff who opens up about his recent story about the Steelers’ enigmatic linebacker. Is the general public being duped by an elaborate work much like the fans who follow professional wrestling? We get in to that.

We also talk a bit about Roger Clemens, Terrelle Pryor and a name of Adam Rank‘s small, lonely fan base. In fact, we encourage you to vote in the poll on

Won’t you have a listen? It figures to be a thin slice of heaven.

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Dave Dameshek and Adam Rank hit 88mph on the flux capacitor and travel into the future! The fellas switch into playoff gear with the NFL Uniform Super Bowl and after much debate, a winner has emerged! Also on tap, the guys are in search of a name for Adam Rank's fanbase to co-exist with the Citizens of the Shek Republic...Will they make it to episode 10, or will they be canceled, who knows? Tune in! 

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Dave Dameshek and Adam Rank, hosts of next year's Top 100 Players of 2012? Our esteemed host and his trusty sidekick tackle the final results and implore that NFL players are inept at ranking anything, even when it comes to themselves!

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