NFL: The Dave Dameshek Football Program

Dave Dameshek and Adam Rank discuss which AFC teams had the best running backs of all-time.

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Dave and Rank bring in Zach 'The Blue Horseshoe' Rosenfield of for a division-by-division forecast of which teams are playoff-bound. Spoiler alert: the Bengals do not figure into that equation

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With only a fortnight left 'til the season kicks off, Dave and Rank welcome NFL Network/Atlanta Falcon/Florida State Seminole/good guy Jamie Dukes to the studio to kibbitz about Peyton Manning and the Colts' QB situation; Chris Johnson's future in Tennessee; and the Miami Hurricanes' mess. The fellas also throw a pity party for a couple of deserving NFLers. You know who else deserves a pity party? Anyone who doesn't listen to this show.

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On the heels of Eli Manning's claim that he considers himself among the game's elite QBs, Dave and Rank kibbitz with's Elliot 'Pretty Boy' Harrison break down Brady, Rodgers, Roethlisberger, Brees, Rivers, Vick, Romo, Schaub, and - of course - the Brothers Manning.  In addition, Dave presents the Tuck Rule Edition of the "N-if-L".  If this episode was a intergalactic bounty hunter, it'd be Boba Fett.

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Dave Dameshek and Adam Ranks welcome resident Fantasy guru Michael Fabiano to cover all of your fantasy football needs. 

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Dave and Rank celebrate the return of football games (albeit of the fake, preseason variety) by welcoming in WWE superstar - and Cleveland native - The Miz to talk his place in wrestling and 'Real World' history, rooting for the Browns, and who'd win a match between him and Peyton Hillis; the fellas then get an in-studio visit from NFL Network colleague, Michelle Beisner, to discuss Tebow vs Orton, teams that may move to LA and handsome QBs.  The weekend's here - give your ears the gift of the Dameshek Football Program.

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Dave Dameshek and Adam Rank talk some ball with ESPN and Scouts Inc.'s Matt Williamson as the NFL Preseason is set to kick off Thursday night. Later in the show, the guys break down The Eagles' spoils of riches after yet another big free-agent signing in WR Steve Smith and more. 

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Dave Dameshek and Adam Rank bring you part III of their Hall of Fame podcast trilogy as they catch up with former VP of Player Personnel for the Dallas Cowboys Gil Brandt

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Dave Dameshek and Adam Rank kick it in Canton, OH with legendary Raider/Chief running back Marcus Allen. While Rank reminisces of the Raiders' LA glory days, Marcus Allen sheds some light on the accomplishments of his younger brother Damon Allen and how is incredible body of work in the CFL is not represented at the Pro Football Hall of Fame. 

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Although a bit punchy from their cross-country redeye flight, Dave and Rank make a Pittsburgh pitstop on their way to Canton for this weekend's Hall of Fame inductions; the guys discuss the NFL's new 'Dream Team' in Philadelphia and what team they think would've been a dream to play for; plus, Dave contends the NFC has at least three teams that are superior to anyone in the AFC; a Cliffs Notes version of where we left off before the lockout.  Give this show a gold jacket, 'cause it belongs in Canton.

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