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Shek & Rank welcome Matt 'Money' Smith to Studio 66 to yap about the holiday season, Week 17's big games, bone-in ham, the NBA's Western Conference, the best potato preparations, and which non-playoff teams have the best shot at turning things around in 2013.

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Shek and Rank preview the biggest games of Week 16 with England’s Handsome Hank, who shares a few holiday traditions of his own. The guys weigh in on Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson’s quest for the single-season rushing record. Plus, which NFL player has the least intimidating name? The guys take to Twitter to answer that and many more fan questions before Black Tie gives his weekly shoutout; The “Around the League” gang @MarcSesslerNFL & @DanHanzus chat with ATL editor Gregg Rosenthal about the demise of the Jets -- and our civilization, if you buy what the Mayans are selling.

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Shek & Rank give themselves and listeners the holiday gift of talking ball with some their favorite new pals of 2012, including: @MoveTheSticks (Daniel Jeremiah), who remarks on almost every starting QB in the NFL; "Around The League" boys @MarcSesslerNFL & @DanHanzus, who rap about Brian Urlacher's anti-fan comments, Mark Sanchez, the NFC East and the WWE superstar with whom the fellas identify with most. Then Black Tie hosts the Black List and gives his weekly shoutout. 

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Shek & Rank welcome Cleveland rookie QB Brandon Weeden to yap about the promising Browns, facing RG3, seeing the Cavs dump the Lakers and beating AFC North bully Pittsburgh. Marc Sessler of "Around the League" joins us for the Black List to talk about the most exciting play in sports and best RB duo ever. Sessler and "Around the League" cohort Dan Hanzus round out the week with a discussion of Comeback Player of the Year candidates on the ATL Debate Club.

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Shek and Rank catch up with quarterback guru Daniel Jeremiah (@MoveTheSticks) to talk about Matt Schaub going forward, the Baltimore Ravens' new offense and the Washington Redskins’ other rookie quarterback, Kirk Cousins. Shek then leaves Rank, the birthday boy, alone with one of his favorite players, Green Bay Packers linebacker and TV/movie enthusiast/DDFP pal A.J. Hawk to discuss shirtless Detroit Lions players and a potential Super Bowl matchup against the New England Patriots before the pair review the hit TV show “Homeland”. Black Tie also gives a new shoutout and breaks news on the New Orleans Saints' bounty scandal. 

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Shek and Rank are joined by Handsome Hank to debate the current division leader most likely to drop by the end of the season. The fellas then yap with Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Terence Newman about the upcoming game against his former team, the battle for the AFC North, and the anonymous but dominant Bengals D-line. Lastly, Black Tie runs through the Black List, with items including most UNintimidating team names (clue: Pelicans is NOT the answer), favorite cartoons and best rollercoaster rides across the globe.

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Shek and Rank break down a fascinating Week 13 with the help of Around The League’s Dan Hanzus and England's Handsome Hank, with subjects including, but not limited to, the Baltimore Ravens' specious play-calling, Mark Sanchez's future with the New York Jets (or anyone else), the sterling QB rookie class and the suddenly muddled NFC East. Then Black Tie challenges the gang with his latest Black List and Houston Texans left tackle Duane Brown joins in to talk about aiming for the AFC's top seed, playing the New England Patriots, and buying a car from Tom Brady or Peyton Manning.

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Shek and Rank kibitz with old pal/Jacksonville Jaguars tight end Marcedes Lewis about replacing the Pro Bowl with the Loser Bowl, playing in December on a team that isn't in the playoff race, as well as the rise of UCLA Bruins. Handsome Hank stops by to read Fireman Ed's resignation letter, Shek makes his weekly NFL picks in 60 seconds, and the Around The League boys @MarcSesslerNFL and @DanHanzus round out the week's podcasting action with another edition of the "ATL Debate Club."

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Shek & Rank welcome back @MoveTheSticks (Daniel Jeremiah) to talk Colin Kaepernick vs. Alex Smith, the Steelers' QB issues and the slew of unproven playoff QBs on contending teams. The fellas also discuss the Jets' mess, overtime rules, and more with “Around The League” boys @MarcSesslerNFL & @DanHanzus.  Plus, Black Tie officially declares this #TheYearOfTheOvertime and gives a real-life inspired "Shout-out" before some candy taste testing ensues.  Check it out... unless you don't like a.) football or b.) other stuff. 

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Shek, Rank and the extended podcast family -- which includes Handsome Hank, Marc Sessler, Dan Hanzus and producer Black Tie -- celebrate Thanksgiving with a conversation about the Niners' QB controversy, and a new Black List with topics including phobias and things even fans of bad teams can be thankful for. And as promised, the inaugural #DDFP Pie Off!

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Shek and Rank talk with Pittsburgh Steelers safety Will Allen in front of the big game against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday night, with subjects including (but not limited to) coach Mike Tomlin's "next man up" philosophy, Ben Roethlisberger's health, replacing Troy Polamalu in the lineup and Gatorade baths in October. Shek makes his weekly picks, and Black Tie joins in on "Terrible" Tebow, the Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Marlins, and then the guys make history in the "Dieter Brock drop" competition. Around The Leaguers Marc Sessler and Dan Hanzus round out the week's podcast action with their delightful “ATL Debate Club.”  This is some kind of show!   

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Shek and Rank talk quarterbacks with quarterback guru Daniel Jeremiah, including: Why the New York Jets won't go to Tim Tebow, how many wins Andrew Luck is worth, and which quarterback deserves the MVP. Around the League scribes @DanHanzus and @MarcSesslerNFL also stop by for a return of producer Black Tie's Black List, with topics including which backup quarterback is the best of them all and the NFL coach most likely to get the boot. Then Handsome Hank stops in for an update on the Miami Dolphins and ranks Daniel Craig on “the best ever James Bond” list. 

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Shek & Rank kibitz with Jay Glazer about Dez Bryant and the Dallas Cowboys, Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles, and Jay Cutler’s demeanor with the Chicago Bears. Shek also makes his Week 10 "speed picks" before controversy surrounding producer Black Tie's "Shout-outs" ensues. Then the "ATL Debate Club" wrap the show comparing the New England Patriots to hit TV series, "The Office."

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It's an embarrassment of riches for the #DDFP NFL mid-season episode thanks to Chargers LB @ShaunPhillips95 (who talks the arm of Philip Rivers, Bolts’ unis and favorite cheeses);  NFL Fantasy Live colleague @Akbar_Gbajabiamila (who talks Vick, Philly's O-line,and Chip Kelly's chances of NFL success on a new installment of “Inside/Out”); 'Around The League scribes @MarcSesslerNFL & @DanHanzus (who discuss the only eight teams with a legit shot at winning it all); and Handsome @NFLUKHank returns from England to talk rookie QBs and shares a bounty of British chips/crisps.

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Shek and Rank welcome in fellow pals Michael Fabiano and Elliot Harrison as the guys discuss the Philadelphia Eagles' struggles, being a fan of mainstream sports teams, and their Week 9 picks. The guys also dish on the recent "Star Wars" news before handing it over to the "ATL Debate Club" to wrap the show.

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Shek and Rank are joined by Indianapolis Colts DE Dwight Freeney to talk about the differences between Andrew Luck and Peyton Manning on and off the field, head coach Chuck Pagano's recent team visit, and a possible playoffs matchup against the Denver Broncos. Also, Patriots WR and #DDFP music ambassador Brandon Lloyd discusses Rob Gronkowski's showmanship and the Patriots' journey back from London in the midst of Superstorm Sandy. Then Black Tie gives a new shout out and the @NFL_ATL guys stop by to talk Sanchez vs. Tebow, Vick vs. Foles, and upcoming coaching changes.

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Shek and Rank are joined by actor, comedian and Kansas City Chiefs super fan, Rob Riggle. The trio discuss all-time greatest Chiefs, Kansas City's barbecue and more. Plus, Washington Redskins tight end Chris Cooley talks about his return to the NFL from a fantasy football angle. The guys also break down the unique skill set of Robert Griffin III before another edition of the "ATL Debate Club" wraps the show. 

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Shek & Rank celebrate their 100th episode with their favorite regulars, Handsome Hank (@NFLUKHank) -- reporting from live from the NFL’s international series in London -- and 'Around The League' scribes, @DanHanzus & @MarcSesslerNFL. Plus, Packers LB and #DDFP Ambassador of Film, AJ Hawk joins to talk about Green Bay’s recent hot streak and his newly promoted brother-in-law, the Chiefs’ Brady Quinn. Plus, Black Tie delivers on his promise to get a very special guest for the occasion.  What a way to wrap up a century's worth of podcasting.

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Shek & Rank talk about the Pittsburgh Steelers' early-season troubles with defensive end Brett Keisel and then chat with the Cleveland Browns’ Josh Cribbs on the team’s ownership change, returning kicks despite his recent concussion and which superhero would claim victory in a battle to the finish: Superman or The Incredible Hulk? Miami Dolphins’ fan Handsome Hank also pops in to talk about the rabid mediocrity in the AFC; and the Around the League scribes Dan Hanzus, Mr. Fancy Pants Marc Sessler, and Gregg Rosenthal help wrap the show by discussing the upcoming Jets and Pats showdown

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Shek & Rank talk to Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte about hanging out with quarterback Jay Cutler, the backfield competition with Michael Bush and his all-time favorite movie. The guys also yap with Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate about whether he starts himself on his own fantasy football team. Then, Matt 'Money' Smith helps the gang answer fans’ twitter questions about food, super hero costumes and, of course, more food. And finally, Dan Hanzus and Marc Sessler wrap up the show with another installment of the “ATL Debate Club”. 

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Shek and Rank welcome “NFL Fantasy Live” colleague/former NFL-er Akbar Gbajabiamila into Studio 66 for “Inside/Out,” the segment that answers what really goes on inside NFL locker rooms.  Subjects today include: Do coaches really give Knute Rockne speeches? Why don't players wear cups? And what do players think of Ben Roethlisberger? The fellas are then joined by Around The League scribes Marc Sessler and Dan Hanzus for the newest installment of the Black List, which addresses which teams could actually win the Super Bowl this season and what's wrong with Cam Newton?

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Shek, Rank & Handsome Hank list which quarterbacks they'd rather have over Tony Romo. The fellas then catch up with Detroit Lions defensive end/friend of the show Cliff Avril to discuss just what's going on with the Lions a quarter of the way through the 2012 season. Plus, a preview of Week 5’s matchup between long-time rivals Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. 

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Shek, @AdamRank & Handsome (@NFLUKHank) get you ready for Week 4 with the musical help of one-man house band  @RichBanksMusic, and Vikings star wide receiver Percy Harvin, who discusses looking down at the Packers and Lions in the standings, the Gators/Seminoles rivalry he's got with his quarterback Christian Ponder, and his favorite TV show. The fellas also check in with DDFP Secretary of Film and Green Bay Packers linebacker A.J. Hawk to talk best/worst movie deaths. And finally, “Around the League” scribes @DanHanzus & @MarcSesslerNFL debut their debate segment with thoughts on the sorry state of the N.Y. Jetropolitans.

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Unwilling to wait another moment, Shek and Rank yap with Around The League scribes Dan Hanzus and Marc Sessler, as well as NFL writer/fantasy talker Elliot Harrison about the replacement ref situation, the Darrelle Revis-less Jets, the best teams in the NFC and which is the second-best AFC team (behind Houston).

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Shek & Rank welcome their new finger-wavin' pal from NFL Fantasy Live, Akbar Gbajabiamila (@Akbar_Gbaja) to Studio 66 for the debut of a new segment called 'Inside Out', which addresses NFL questions from both the player's and fan's perspective.  This week's questions: 'Do fans care more about the team than the players?'; and 'Why is it so hard for players to criticize Peyton Manning?'

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On Episode 92, Shek and Rank welcome the 49ers’ world-class linebacker Patrick Willis to the show to discuss the influence of Jim Harbaugh and the team's matchup with the Vikings on Sunday. Around The League scribes @DanHanzus & Mr Fancy Pants @MarcSesslerNFL join in to talk Schiano v Coughlin, Sanchez v Tebow, and Peyton Manning after his three-pick performance vs. Atlanta. Plus, Black Tie continues giving shout outs to the working class and begins the “No more kneel-downs” crusade BEFORE Jerry Jones. Lastly, the guys end the show with a tribute to the great Steve Sabol. 

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Following a Week 1 loaded with breakouts, comebacks, and busts, Shek and @AdamRank talk with Detroit Lions WR Nate Burleson about the Lions’ escape against the St. Louis Rams, this week's “Handshake Game” against the San Francisco 49ers, and ripping the dome off Ford Field. The fellas are also joined by Around The League scribes @DanHanzus and “Mr Fancypants” @MarcSesslerNFL, as well as Handsome Hank (@NFLUKHank) to discuss whether the New York Jets, Joe Flacco, Peyton Manning and Robert Griffin III will continue heading in the right direction, and if Michael Vick, the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Buffalo Bills and the Green Bay Packers are doomed going forward.

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Shek & Rank break down the Cowboys' surprising Wednesday night win with the help of Elliot Harrison and Handsome Hank; the fellas then offer their game-by-game picks for the regular season's first weekend of action.  Listen... unless you don't like football.

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To celebrate Pigskin Eve, Shek & Rank are joined by Around the League scribes Dan Hanzus (@DanHanzus) and Marc Sessler (@MarcSesslerNFL) for 60 minutes of NFL talk that leaves ZERO questions unanswered about the 2012 season just in time for kickoff.  What teams and players are going to break out?  Who will tumble?  Which coach is sitting on the hottest seat?  Who's going to the playoffs?  Who's going to New Orleans in February?  All these questions - plus the ones you posed on Twitter - are answered in this four-quarter battle for the truth (There's even a halftime show, courtesy of the one-man houseband Dick Banks).  Skip this podcast at your own peril... 

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Shek & Rank are in a celebratory mood with the arrival of football season and the return of new Patriots WR and official DDFP Music Critic, Brandon Lloyd. The fellas also catch up with Handsome Hank to talk about the self-inflicted damage his Dolphins have caused with their appearance on 'Hard Knocks', and 'Around The League' scribes visit Studio 66 for a spirited edition of 'Dead or Alive', with topics including Tom Brady, the Jets, and Dodgers/Red Sox trade.

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Shek & Rank are joined by's fantasy guru @Michael_Fabiano, as the trio provide commentary during the “NFL Fantasy Live” experts league fantasy football draft. Walk and chew gum at the same time?  No problem for these experts (and Shek). They debate Atlanta Falcons WR Julio Jones’ fantasy value, when to draft your starting quarterback and much more -- all while taping the podcast and ignoring Black Tie’s cry for a tight 45.

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Episode 86 features Dave Dameshek from New York City, as he prepares for three days of the NFL Fantasy Live Show as part of Fantasy Draft Week. Also joining the show are the Around the League fellas, Dan Hanzus and Mark Sessler, who participate in a new segment, “It’s a Quarterback League.” And Elliot Harrison rounds out this star-studded show as he sits in for “The Blue List” to talk Jon Gruden, Mike Scioscia and “Top Gun.” You’re gonna love it. 

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Shek & Rank talk with show pal T.J. Houshmandzadeh about his former teammate/longtime friend Chad Johnson's rough week and T.J's own NFL prospects for 2012. The guys are also joined by 'Around The League' scribes Marc Sessler (@MarcSesslerNFL) & Dan Hanzus (@DanHanzus) for a debate about whether or not the Dallas Cowboys will make the post-season and Shek's ranking of the team jerseys in America's four major sports leagues. Plus, the Black List reviews Adrian Peterson vs. Stephen Strasburg; and the best sitcom of all time.

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Shek & Rank welcome Pittsburgh Steelers star LaMarr Woodley to talk about the state of the team’s defense, facing Peyton Manning in Week 1, the absence of Mike Wallace and No. 56's ongoing pursuit of a degree from Michigan. The guys are also joined by Handsome Hank and Black Tie for a breakdown of Miami Dolphins coach Joe Philbin's handling of the Chad 85 mess, plus discuss the best jersey for a Philadelphia Eagles fan to own.

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Studio 66 is stuffed to the gills as Shek & Rank welcome back Handsome Hank from his journey to London, ‘Around The League' pal, Dan Hanzus, and the first ever female producer in DDFP history, Blue Tie.  The gang addresses Tebow & The Other Guy; Peyton Manning's first game as a Bronco; and debate how T.O. will play in Seattle. 

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Shek & Rank get Hall of Famer/former Washington Redskin/Fastest Man in NFL history Darrell Green on the line to talk about Usain Bolt's NFL prospects and potential 40-yard dash time; the 2012 'Skins; and chasing down Tony Dorsett. Also, Shek fills Rank in on the Hall of Fame festivities, including his conversations with “Mean” Joe Greene, Joe Namath and Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum; plus, thoughts on the Browns and Jets. 

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Shek and Rank have their second annual Hall of Fame week visit with legendary runner Marcus Allen to discuss HOF snubs, gold jackets and the 2012 AFC West. The fellas also give their picks for the best jersey a Washington Redskins fan can buy. 

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'Shek and Rank welcome NFL Fantasy Live host/radio star/pal Matt 'Money' Smith (@PetrosAndMoney) to talk Kobe vs. MJ, the Olympics, the MLB trade deadline, as well as more on the actor movie-streak debate. Plus, Money lays down a Connect Four challenge to Dameshek. Will Dave end his retirement and step up to the table?

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Shek & Rank welcome “Around The League” blogger @DanHanzus back into Studio 66 to discuss Peyton Manning’s Denver Broncos training camp debut; the Olympics; and Shek’s assertion that Harrison Ford’s six-movie run from 1980 to ’85 is unparalleled in cinematic history.

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A week after Santonio Holmes' visit to Studio 66 on Episode 77 (and the ensuing reaction from the national sports media), Shek & Rank yap with Jets LT/children's author D'Brickashaw Ferguson about Sanchez & Tebow, Shonn Greene, and Sexy Rexy's weight loss. The fellas then visit with Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Steelers' beat writer (and idol of Dameshek) Ed Bouchette to talk Roethlisberger & Todd Haley; Mendenhall's replacements; Polamalu; and all things Steelers in front of training camp; also, reaction to the Penn State penalties, 'The Best Jersey for A Jets Fan to Own' list and Black Tie finally premieres the remix to his theme song.

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Shek confronts company-wide disapproval for his salad bar-related behavior; Handsome Hank and the Around The League boys Hanzus & Sessler (@NFL_ATL) debate which division is the NFL's best; and Rank shares two delightful interviews with A.J. Hawk and Robert Griffin III. 

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Shek & Rank welcome Santonio Holmes (@Santonio10) into Studio 66 for a wide-ranging discussion on Mark Sanchez, the Super Bowl catch, Tomlin vs. Rex, his departure from Pittsburgh, Ohio State’s Urban renewal, and pretzels. Oh yeah, and Tebow. The fellas are then joined by Handsome Hank to yap about the week’s big stories on the Black List, including Penn State, Linsanity, and Harrison Ford’s 70th birthday. Long story short, if you like good stuff in your ears, put this podcast in ‘em now. 

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Shek & Rank are joined by resident Dolphins fan and supplemental draft expert Handsome Hank to discuss the best Dolphins jersey on the market. Then, Dan Hanzus and Marc Sessler stop by to play a game of "Dead or Alive," and debate Peyton Manning's prospects for 2012. Plus, Dave pulls out the ol' Pirate pride and Rank defends the Lakers' finals hopes. It's the dog days of summer, so jump on in, the water's fine.

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Dameshek, Handsome Hank and Elliot "E.H." Harrison are joined by 2012's Mr. Irrelevant, Chandler Harnish. The Colts QB talks about the rookie symposium, working out with Andrew Luck and responds to Dameshek's advice on donning the legendary No. 18 jersey in Indianapolis. The guys also take a look at E.H's "Top 20 games of 2011" countdown, and Dameshek gives a ringing endorsement to Titans QB Jake Locker. Plus, Handsome Hank announces his new role as the NFL's Supplemental Draft guru.

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Shek is joined in-studio by Handsome Hank and Elliot Harrison (who's filling in for the vacationing Rank) for a discussion about the best games of 2011; which 2011 playoff teams won't make a return visit to the postseason in 2012; the best NFL free agent signing ever; and - in honor of Andy Griffith - the best characters in TV history.  If you're looking for a way to pass the Fourth of July, look (or listen) no further.

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Shek & Rank welcome their #1 pass-catching pal of the podcast, Steve Smith, into Studio 66 to talk about Carolina's playoff chances in 2012. The gang also addresses college football's new playoff system and the future of the Thunder & Heat in a round of 'Dead or Alive.' Plus, they debate which NFL player names would work well as hurricanes; and Shek shares his latest tale of shame from the gymnasium.  If Shek amuses you like a clown, this is the episode for you.

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On the finale of the #DDFP "Top 100: Players of 2012" reaction podcast, Dave and Rank commend the players' choice of Aaron Rodgers as indeed the NFL's best player; but is Calvin Johnson ranked too high? Plus, which single player is the most valuable asset to a team's defense in the NFL?

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Dave and Rank review this week's episode of the "Top 100: Players of 2012" as they applaud the players’ decision to place Jimmy Graham ahead of Rob Gronkowski on the countdown, but also criticize the high rankings of Ray Lewis and Troy Polamalu. Plus, where does LeSean McCoy rank among the top running backs in the league?

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On the #DDFP 72, Dave, Rank and Hank debate the merits of LaDainian Tomlinson's NFL career, including where he ranks amongst the greatest RBs in NFL history.  Then Lions DE Cliff Avril later joins the show to discuss Matthew Stafford's progression, why he ranks Tom Brady and Drew Brees ahead of Aaron Rodgers and Ndamukong Suh's on-the-field demeanor. Plus, "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" and Forbes list of the top 100 paid athletes makes it on the Black List and Dave takes a look at the worst nicknames in the NFL.

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On this week's #DDFP "Top 100: Players of 2012" reaction show, Dave and Rank ponder how undrafted players such as Wes Welker and Arian Foster cracked the top 30. Then not surprisingly, Dave explains why he thinks Big Ben should be ranked higher and also picks a side in the Rob Gronkowski vs. Jimmy Graham debate.

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Dave and Rank are joined by's Jeff Darlington to discuss Chad Ochocinco taking his talents (or lack thereof) to South Beach, LeBron James' quest for an NBA title and debate what would be the dream matchup for Super Bowl XLVII. Plus, Dameshek hijacks "The Black List" to unearth the new segment "Dead or Alive." 

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On this week's "Top 100: Players of 2012" reaction show, Dave and Rank debate where a pair of Giants placed on the countdown. Plus, where does Matt Forte deserve to land on the list? Take a listen, won't you?

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In response to the NFL Network's player-voted 'Top 100: Players of 2012', Shek offers his own (superior) list of 53 players, then debates its virtues with Rank and Heath Evans; the former Pats & Saints fullback defends the inclusion of fullbacks on the Top 100 and weighs in on Spygate vs Bountygate, Brady vs Brees, and donuts vs all other food.  Plus, Black Tie's Black List addresses NFL rookies, T.O., and the late, great Dick Dawson.

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On this week’s “Top 100: Players of 2012″ reaction show, Dave and Rank debate Peyton Manning's placement and the value of Devin Hester's return skills. The guys also ponder Matt Stafford's NFL future after his breakout season. Plus, prompted by Black Tie, they start compiling their very own list of the top 50 players in the league.

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On the #DDFP 69, Dave and Rank look forward to possible storylines of the Dolphins' "Hard Knocks," the Lions' chances at a successful campaign next season despite recent off-field issues and a rebuilding plan for the Lakers. The guys also rank the top football movies of all time as fans of the 'Shek Republic call in to join the debate.

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On this week's "Top 100: Players of 2012" reaction show, Dave and Rank analyze Darren McFadden's rise up 38 spots despite an injury-shortened season and how much Greg Jennings' owes his success to Aaron Rodgers. Plus, how will Jonathan Vilma's appeal against his season-long suspension turn out?

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Quarterback guru George Whitfield joins the show to discuss working with young signal callers like Cam Newton and Andrew Luck, and his recent training methods for veteran QB Donovan McNabb. Dave and Rank also yap with Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune as they take a look back at the top three quarterbacks (Eli, Rivers and Big Ben) from the 2004 NFL Draft. Plus, Dameshek wonders what to make of Kobe Bryant and the Lakers. 

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On side B of #DDFP 67, the guys welcome in The Ed and Craig Dodge from to discuss Peyton Manning's first season with the Broncos. Plus find out what Kardashian reality shows and Mother's Day have in common, and how Dameshek became a doctor of mustard. 

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On this week's #DDFP "Top 100: Players of 2012" reaction show, Dave & Rank discuss Michael Vick's big slide down the list and debate where Philip Rivers ranks among the NFL’s elite quarterbacks. Plus, with Donovan McNabb attempting a comeback, the guys examine the training methods of former NFL stars trying to get back on the field.

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On side A of the #DDFP 67, Dave and Rank welcome in new writer Daniel Jeremiah as the guys discuss the best quarterback divisions in the NFL. Handsome Hank also makes a return and defends Reggie Bush’s recent comments about being the NFL’s leading rusher next season. Plus, check out who’s on #TheBlackList this week.

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Guests Mike Dell of LCS Hockey and Brian Mermelshtein, join the debate as Dameshek continues his lifelong crusade to prove Mario Lemieux was indeed a greater hockey player than "The Great One." It's a heated debate on ice in part two of #DDFP 66, plus Black Tie premieres #TheBlackList -- take a listen won't you?

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Dave and Rank recap the third installment of NFL Network's "Top 100: Players of 2012" as they discuss Joe Flacco's placement on the list and debate who among DeSean Jackson, A.J. Green and Hakeem Nicks is the better receiver. 

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In part one of the #DDFP 66, the guys welcome fellow NFL media personality Steve Wyche as they predict and debate the 2012 NFL division winners. 'Shek and Rank also remember Junior Seau and MCA from the Beastie Boys.

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Shek and Rank once again sit down to watch the Top 100 show and breakdown the current rankings. Thankfully, there are no egregious John Kuhn-like moments in this week's show, but Shek and Rank give their look at some of the notable names including Hakeem Nicks, Michael Turner and more. Have a listen, won't you?

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Episode #65 features an extended visit the Face of the NFL Network, Rich Eisen, who just returned with Shek from the NFL Draft in Manhattan.  The fellas break down which teams succeeded and failed, and also debate the folly of attempting to determine "winners" and "losers" in the speculative exercise of drafting.  Rank and Shek are also reunited with producer Necktie Milner and by resident Dolphins fan, Handsome Hank for thoughts on Miami taking Ryan Tannehill, then discuss John Harbaugh's critique of the stained Pats' dynasty.  We hope you'll enjoy it... but there's no saying for sure 'til you give it a listen.


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It's that time of the year again for NFL Network's annual "Top 100 Players" countdown. Listen along as Dave and Rank react to the first ten players revealed, most notably the rankings of Chris Johnson and John Kuhn on this special edition of the #DDFP

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On #DDFP 64, former NFL GM Charley Casserly stops by to talk about this week's NFL Draft, plus the always insightful Steve Smith shares new information on the Saints' bounty culture under Gregg Williams. 

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Dave and Rank take a look at early-season matchups with high stakes, the “Thursday Night Football” slate, and other tidbits as they break down the 2012 NFL schedule. 

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Clay Matthews, DeMarcus Ware and Wes Welker stop by for the 62nd episode of the #DDFP and they debate who's the better linebacker between Clay and DeMarcus. 

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'Shek and Rank talk winners and losers of the new NFL uniforms with Michelle Beisner. Black Tie gives a rather cryptic NBA scouting report on national champion Anthony Davis, plus LaMarr Woodley stops by with WR Steve Breaston to talk Super Bowl-week etiquette on Adam Rank's Gridiron Podcast for Kids. 

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This week on the #DDFP, Handsome Hank is welcomed as an official member of the program and we break in yet another producer. The fellas talk New Orleans vs. Las Vegas, Saints suspension, Tim Tebow and the other assorted hooey and applesauce. And as a special treat, Ike Taylor is the guest for episode No. 5 of the #ARGPFK. Don’t expect a tight 45 here. 

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Handsome Hank and fantasy guru Michael Fabiano join the #DDFP as the guys react to Peyton Manning's move to the Broncos. And later, the Texans' J.J. Watt and Antonio Smith join Adam Rank for the fourth episode of the #ARGPFK.

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For the 58th episode of the #DDFP, the guys are joined by Steelers safety Ryan Clark as they rehash Pittsburgh's playoff loss to the Broncos, discuss desirable free-agency destinations and debate how RG3 will rank among the NFC East quarterbacks.

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Brandon Lloyd joins Dave and Adam in Studio 66 to talk free agency, Tim Tebow and his music career. The guys also kibitz about Peyton Manning and the Colts as well as debut a fan-submitted song from "Karanastic."

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Dave Dameshek and Adam Rank join forces once again to bring you episode 56 of the Dave Dameshek Football Program. In this edition, Dave and Adam talk a little NFL Scouting Combine and what it's like to play catch with Michael Irvin. Then, reporter Jeff Darlington gets on the horn to speculate on Peyton Manning's future. Don't get stuck in coach! This is your first-class ticket to football nirvana.

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Handsome Hank joins the gang to discuss Brady Quinn's not-so-flattering comments about Tim Tebow. The guys also talk some puck with stats guru Bill Sudell and undertake a little presidential debate of their own. Plus, a new tune premieres from the One Man House Band Dick Banks. It's a beauty, and the song's great too. 

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Our old pal number 89 of the Carolina Panthers, Steve Smith, joins the show to discuss Whitney Houston's legacy, Wes Welker's infamous drop and of course, #Linsanity. Have a listen, won't you?

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Coming fresh off a Super Bowl victory, Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz does the next best thing as he joins the show to discuss Super Bowl XLVI, teammates Eli Manning & Brandon Jacobs, and of course salsa dancing. Handsome Hank also stops by for a Gisele-inspired segment. We declare Victory for all who listen. 

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Back for another star-studded Super Bowl podcast, are you? Well, you've come to the right place. In episode 52, Dave Dameshek and Adam Rank welcome in running back Maurice Jones-Drew, wide receiver Steve Johnson, actor Adam Sandler, and first-pick hopeful Robert Griffin III. What, that's not enough for you? Fine then, we've also got linebacker Clay Matthews, NFL Network analyst Brian Billick, quarterback Matthew Stafford, and supermodel Kate Upton! Come one, come all, it's a podcast so big it's bursting at the seams!

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Get your galoshes ready, because it's raining stars in Indianapolis. In episode 51 of the Dave Dameshek Football Program, Dave and Adam welcome Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, quarterbacks Cam Newton and Drew Brees, baseball legend and self-described nerd Curt Schilling, actor Will Forte, new Colts GM Ryan Grigson, and even the beautiful Miss America, Laura Kaeppeler. Plus, analysts Jason Smith and Elliot Harrison are along for the ride once again. It's the podcast storm of the century! Take cover!

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Dave Dameshek and Adam Rank celebrate episode 50 at Radio Row in Indianapolis with a cavalcade of stars so mind-boggling, they've called in reinforcements. analysts Jason Smith and Elliot Harrison join the program as the guys talk with Steelers great Lynn Swann, Colts punter Pat McAfee, NFL Network analyst Steve Mariucci, comedian Jay Mohr, and QB Donovan McNabb. Plus, the gang breaks down the keys to Super Bowl XLVI. Take a listen, won't you?

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In episode No.  49 of the "Dave Dameshek Football Program," Shek and Rank bring in Jason Smith and Elliot Harrison from's upcoming "Super Bowl Live" to debate which blunder committed on Championship Sunday was the most egregious.

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Shek & Rank welcome former 49ers QB & current Texans backup Jeff Garcia into Studio 66 to talk about Championship Sunday, including Eli vs Alex; Brady vs the Ravens D; and Flacco vs Reed; plus, what's the funniest show on TV? 

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Shek & Rank review the fascinating divisional round games, look ahead to the title games and bid farewell to Tebow with pals #89 Steve Smith and Handsome Hank. If you like football, you'll probably like this show.

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Steven Jackson joins Dave and Adam to talk about the hiring of Jeff Fisher, what he would do with St. Louis' first-round draft pick and the idea of the Rams one day moving back to Los Angeles. 

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Steven Jackson is in the studio to join the fellas for episode No. 46. The trio talk Jeff Fisher, the best Rams uniforms and where Jackson should live when the team moves to Los Angeles. Dameshek and Rank also take listener calls, as an old favorite dials in. Have a listen, won’t you?

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Shek presses through his Tim Tebow-induced anguish to break down the wild-card round with the help of Rank and DDFP's favorite 2012 Pro Bowler, No. 89 Steve Smith, who also talks about taking his Panther pals to Hawaii, bad QBs and Ike Taylor. Sudsy the NFL Stat Man then stops by to provide salient numbers leading up to the divisional round matchups.  Will you enjoy Episode 45?  To quote Marv Albert, "Yes!"

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Dave and Adam go game-by-game to talk a little playoff football and predict a Super matchup in Indy, then welcome in blogger extraordinaire Dan Hanzus to discuss the dreaded "Sanchize" label and the Jets' dysfunctions. Along the way, the guys talk a little college football, the Steelers-Ravens "rivalry," and rank the greats to proudly sport the number 44 upon their backs. Take a listen, won't you?

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