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Shek and Rank kibitz with old pal/Jacksonville Jaguars tight end Marcedes Lewis about replacing the Pro Bowl with the Loser Bowl, playing in December on a team that isn't in the playoff race, as well as the rise of UCLA Bruins. Handsome Hank stops by to read Fireman Ed's resignation letter, Shek makes his weekly NFL picks in 60 seconds, and the Around The League boys @MarcSesslerNFL and @DanHanzus round out the week's podcasting action with another edition of the "ATL Debate Club."

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Shek & Rank welcome back @MoveTheSticks (Daniel Jeremiah) to talk Colin Kaepernick vs. Alex Smith, the Steelers' QB issues and the slew of unproven playoff QBs on contending teams. The fellas also discuss the Jets' mess, overtime rules, and more with “Around The League” boys @MarcSesslerNFL & @DanHanzus.  Plus, Black Tie officially declares this #TheYearOfTheOvertime and gives a real-life inspired "Shout-out" before some candy taste testing ensues.  Check it out... unless you don't like a.) football or b.) other stuff. 

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Shek, Rank and the extended podcast family -- which includes Handsome Hank, Marc Sessler, Dan Hanzus and producer Black Tie -- celebrate Thanksgiving with a conversation about the Niners' QB controversy, and a new Black List with topics including phobias and things even fans of bad teams can be thankful for. And as promised, the inaugural #DDFP Pie Off!

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Shek and Rank talk with Pittsburgh Steelers safety Will Allen in front of the big game against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday night, with subjects including (but not limited to) coach Mike Tomlin's "next man up" philosophy, Ben Roethlisberger's health, replacing Troy Polamalu in the lineup and Gatorade baths in October. Shek makes his weekly picks, and Black Tie joins in on "Terrible" Tebow, the Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Marlins, and then the guys make history in the "Dieter Brock drop" competition. Around The Leaguers Marc Sessler and Dan Hanzus round out the week's podcast action with their delightful “ATL Debate Club.”  This is some kind of show!   

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Shek and Rank talk quarterbacks with quarterback guru Daniel Jeremiah, including: Why the New York Jets won't go to Tim Tebow, how many wins Andrew Luck is worth, and which quarterback deserves the MVP. Around the League scribes @DanHanzus and @MarcSesslerNFL also stop by for a return of producer Black Tie's Black List, with topics including which backup quarterback is the best of them all and the NFL coach most likely to get the boot. Then Handsome Hank stops in for an update on the Miami Dolphins and ranks Daniel Craig on “the best ever James Bond” list. 

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Shek & Rank kibitz with Jay Glazer about Dez Bryant and the Dallas Cowboys, Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles, and Jay Cutler’s demeanor with the Chicago Bears. Shek also makes his Week 10 "speed picks" before controversy surrounding producer Black Tie's "Shout-outs" ensues. Then the "ATL Debate Club" wrap the show comparing the New England Patriots to hit TV series, "The Office."

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It's an embarrassment of riches for the #DDFP NFL mid-season episode thanks to Chargers LB @ShaunPhillips95 (who talks the arm of Philip Rivers, Bolts’ unis and favorite cheeses);  NFL Fantasy Live colleague @Akbar_Gbajabiamila (who talks Vick, Philly's O-line,and Chip Kelly's chances of NFL success on a new installment of “Inside/Out”); 'Around The League scribes @MarcSesslerNFL & @DanHanzus (who discuss the only eight teams with a legit shot at winning it all); and Handsome @NFLUKHank returns from England to talk rookie QBs and shares a bounty of British chips/crisps.

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Shek and Rank welcome in fellow pals Michael Fabiano and Elliot Harrison as the guys discuss the Philadelphia Eagles' struggles, being a fan of mainstream sports teams, and their Week 9 picks. The guys also dish on the recent "Star Wars" news before handing it over to the "ATL Debate Club" to wrap the show.

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