NFL: The Dave Dameshek Football Program

Shek & Rank are joined by linebacker A.J. Hawk who gives a behind-the-scenes look at the Green Bay Packers' thrilling victory over the Chicago Bears and facing the San Francisco 49ers on Wild Card Sunday. Handsome Hank and Elliot Harrison then join to tie a bow on the 2013 NFL regular season with topics including: which team suffered the worst playoff-ousting defeat, what the guys would do if they were general managers of an NFL team, and which non-playoff team is a lock for the postseason next year. 

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Shek is joined by Rank, Handsome Hank and Black Tie for the 2013 Sheky Awards, with categories including: Best Uniform in Pro Sports, Best Player Guest, Best Movie Dave Watched, Best Breakfast Meat and -- of course -- Best Fruit.

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Shek & Rank are joined by Handsome Hank and Daniel Jeremiah to recap Week 16 in the NFL. Topics include what Tony Romo's injury means for the Dallas Cowboys, why the current murky playoff picture is a nightmare for NFL scouts, and the Philadelphia Eagles’ Super Bowl chances.

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Shek welcomes Elliot Harrison and 'Around The League' hero Marc Sessler into Studio 66 for spirited edition of "Dead or Alive", with a focus on teams fighting to make the playoffs. The fellas then turn to the weekly Red Challenge Flag picks segment, including Saints at Panthers, Bears at Eagles, Cowboys at Skins and Patriots at Ravens.  Finally, “Has Black Tie seen it?” sparks a heated discussion about the “Lord of the Rings” movie franchise. No jive - this is a very strong episode.  

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Shek & Rank welcome Daniel Jeremiah and Handsome Hank in for a rangy discussion on all of Week 15's biggest games, their favorite potential playoff matchups and the very best place to use the bathroom when on the road. Shek then goes one-on-one with 49ers star linebacker Patrick Willis to talk about the mighty NFC North, what makes winning in Seattle so tough, and who's the better tackler between him and Navorro Bowman.

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Arizona Cardinals DE/Twitter superstar Darnell Dockett calls in to talk with Shek & Rank about the rise of the Cards, his Florida State Seminoles' chances against Auburn, and why he stepped on another player's hand last Sunday. Elliot Harrison & Bucky Brooks also pay a visit to Studio 66 to discuss the most valuable non-QB Jenga pieces in the NFL and to give their Week 15 picks in the "Red Challenge Flag" segment.

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Shek & Rank welcome Daniel Jeremiah and Handsome Hank into Studio 66 for a review of the most meaningful events from a snowy Week 14, including Seahawks-49ers, Panthers-Saints and Dolphins-Steelers as well as Rob Gronkowski’s injury, the Bengals’ shot at the AFC’s second playoff seed and Peyton Manning’s performance in the cold. NFL Network reporter Jeff Darlington also checks in from Washington, D.C., where the Shanatan-RGIII melodrama continues to unfold.

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Shek is joined in Studio 66 by Elliot Harrison & Bucky Brooks to debate the Mike Tomlin kerfuffle, the Seahawks' dominance, Eagles quarterback Nick Foles' rise and who the winners of Week 14's biggest games will be.

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Shek & Rank are joined in Studio 66 by Daniel Jeremiah & Handsome Hank for a breakdown of a classic Saturday in college football, what it will mean for the BCS title game and the stronger contender between Carolina and KC. The gang also discusses Geno Smith's future, Nick Foles and the Eagles offense, Peyton Manning’s play-calling wristband and plenty of leftover Thanksgiving stories. 

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It’s a Thanksgiving miracle when longtime DDFP pal, Panthers WR Steve Smith, calls into Studio 66 to talk about his place among the game’s best receivers, what he talks about with cornerbacks who cover him, the Panthers’ rise, the best QBs he’s ever played with, Cam Newton’s new maturity & Kobe’s new deal. Adam Rank, Handsome Hank, ‘Around The League’s Dan Hanzus & producer Black Tie all pay a visit to make picks for Week 13 and to throw their pies in the ring for the second annual #DDFP Pie-Off. A delicious time was had by all. Have a taste, won’t you?

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Shek & Rank are joined in Studio 66 by former NFL scout/current show favorite Daniel Jeremiah to break down the latest between Peyton & Brady, the NFC North & AFC North races, who deserves to be #1 in college football, and the 'Road House' remake. Jeremiah also lays out an interesting option for the USC head coaching job before Producer Black Tie reads fan #DDFP tweets. 

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Celebrating five million downloads, Shek talks with featured guest Seahawks QB Russell Wilson about chasing the NFC's top seed, comparing himself to the NFL's other young QBs in a number of categories, stealing Marshawn Lynch's Skittles and throwing a #SexyDeepBall. Hall of Famer Rod Woodson stops by to address the Ben Roethlisberger trade request rumors and to play 'Hall or Nothing' where he evaluates the HOF credentials of Kevin Greene, Devin Hester, Darren Sharper and Roethlisberger. Elliot Harrison & Handsome Hank are also in for the weekly Red Challenge Flag picks segment.  A five-star show top to bottom!

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Shek is joined by Daniel Jeremiah and Handsome Hank to recap Week 11 in the NFL including the Broncos win over the Chiefs, Lions head coach Jim Schwartz's questionable play calling and the struggles of RGIII in the Washington Redskins offense. "The Black List" covers the best teams in the NFL and the guys most memorable individual sports rivalries. Lastly, Dallas Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray talks with Shek & Adam Rank about Dez Bryant, Tony Romo, Adrian Peterson and much more. 

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Shek is joined in Studio 66 by former Pat/Saint/Seahawk Heath Evans to elaborate on Evans' contention that Jerry Rice wouldn't be the same superstar if he were playing today, Calvin Johnson's rank among all-time wide receivers and some rarely heard insight on Randy Moss on and off the field. Elliot Harrison also is along to discuss this season's rash of injuries, some possible tweaks to slow said injuries and to make his Week 11 picks against his arch rival, Handsome Hank, with a focus on Chiefs vs. Broncos, Patriots vs. Panthers and 49ers vs. Saints. 

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Shek & Rank welcome former NFL scout and current DDFP regular Daniel Jeremiah back to Studio 66 to discuss, among other things, the state of the Ravens, Denver's chances if Peyton can't play, his takeaways from the Oregon vs. Stanford showdown, and board games. The fellas are also joined by Handsome Hank for "The Black List", with subjects including the NFL's best defense and most overpaid QB. Lastly, Black Tie rounds things out with the debut of his body language QB Rankings.

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In a special edition of the #DDFP, Shek hosts the new video segment "'s Weekend Guide" with Akbar Gbajabiamila, Adam Rank and Dan Hanzus to break down Cam Newton and Colin Kaepernick on and off the football field and much more. Adam Rank then interviews Cleveland Browns tight end Jordan Cameron discussing everything from superheroes to movies. 

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Shek, Daniel Jeremiah, Handsome Hank and Rank recap Week 9 in the NFL, including Nick Foles' record performance, questionable San Diego Chargers play calling, and the lack of attention for the Kansas City Chiefs. Plus, which team will win the NFC East and can the streaking Carolina Panthers overtake the New Orleans Saints in the NFC South? 

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Shek and Elliot Harrison chat with Hall of Fame defensive back Rod Woodson on a variety of topics including going up against Calvin Johnson in his prime, Deion Sanders and whether or not Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten is a lock for the Hall. The guys also give a midseason report on the 2013 NFL season before making their Week 9 picks. Lastly,'s Michael Fabiano joins for a fantasy football update. 

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Shek & Rank discuss the biggest topics from Week 8 in the NFL including where Calvin Johnson ranks amongst the NFL greatest wide receivers and Dez Bryant's sideline demeanor. Daniel Jeremiah and Handsome Hank join the show for Black Tie's "Black List" discussing the top 5 NFL quarterbacks halfway through the season and the league's biggest disappointments.  

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Shek & Rank mark episode 200 in grand style with Steelers safety/ DDFP favorite Ryan Clark; a spirited Red Challenge Flag picks showdown between Handsome Hank & Elliot Harrison; and some bonafide insight on how an offensive head coach impacts his team vs. a defensive coach, and a Dez Bryant vs. Megatron side-by-side comparison with former NFL player and scout Bucky Brooks. 

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Shek and Rank are joined by Daniel Jeremiah to recap all the footballing action this weekend, including Peyton Manning falling short in his big return to Indianapolis and the Heisman trophy favorites. Handsome Hank then joins for "The Blacklist" to debate the biggest injury from Week 7 and MVP candidates before opening up a gift package from Scotland. 

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Shek & Rank huddle up for a special edition podcast with Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill who stops by to discuss being a part of a famed quarterback draft class, his "Madden NFL 25" next-gen ratings, and if he can still play wide receiver. Plus, Shek makes his speed picks for Week 7's slate of games and predicts how many touchdowns Peyton Manning will throw in his return to Indy. 

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Shek welcomes Green Bay Packers linebacker A.J. Hawk back to the show to discuss Hawk's three-sack performance versus the Ravens, the questionable tackle on Randall Cobb, the Jim Irsay and Peyton Manning kerfuffle, and Patrick Swayze movies. 'Around The League' scribe/podcaster Chris Wesseling also stops by to talk about Irsay’s quote, AFC West vs. NFC West, and debates his Week 7 picks with Elliot Harrison in the latest Red Challenge Flag segment.  

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Shek & Rank recap Week 6 in the NFL including the Patriots come-from-behind win over the Saints, how Bill Belichick stopped Jimmy Graham and the Broncos not-so dominating performance against the Jaguars. Producer Black Tie brings back "The Blacklist" to debate the behavior of the Texans' fans and which one-win team is still in the playoff race. Plus, the guys use Twitter to decide the best cornerback in the NFL.

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On Side B of a two-part pigskin podcast-palooza, Shek referees the Week 6 "Red Challenge Picks" segment between Elliot Harrison & Handsome Hank as they call this weekend's winners and preview the very one-sided Broncos vs. Jaguars showdown. Then, Shek dials up New Orleans Saints defensive end supreme Cameron Jordan to talk about Rob Ryan's defense, Jimmy Graham's MVP-caliber season, and whether he'd win the head-to-head battle with similarly named Cleveland Browns tight end Jordan Cameron. 

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On Side A of a two-part pigskin podcast-palooza, Shek welcomes Miami Dolphins wide receiver Brian Hartline into Studio 66 to talk about how Ryan Tannehill stacks up against the other young QBs, Mike Wallace's involvement in the offense and the virtues of Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. Then, Elliot Harrison & 'Around The League's Chris Wesseling square off with Handsome Hank & Shek in a sanctioned tag-team bout to settle whether Romo is great or a choker.

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Shek & Rank are joined in Studio 66 by @MoveTheSticks Daniel Jeremiah to talk about the QB-heavy headlines of Week 5, including: Tony Romo vs. Denver; Colin Kaepernick's recent struggles; what the Texans should do going forward; and the future of Josh Freeman. Jeremiah's British doppelganger Handsome Hank also shadows the door of Studio 66 to talk Dolphins & Bears, plus he's bearing gifts in the form of his favorite English crisps.  It's a delicious show - give a taste test, won't you? 

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Shek is joined in Studio 66 by NFL pals Elliot Harrison & Marcas Grant to discuss whether any road team could win a playoff game in Seattle or New Orleans, plus predict the Week 5 games.  The fellas also discuss the rules of spoiler alerts here in the Age of the DVR.

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Shek & Rank are joined in Studio 66 by personnel guru/old pal Daniel Jeremiah (@MoveTheSticks) for a rangy conversation on the Ravens' bizarre offensive playcalling vs Buffalo; the Broncos' machine; the Steelers' personnel deficiencies; possible NFL trades; Andy Dalton's struggles; nepotism in the NFL; and the future of Josh Freeman.  After Jeremiah departs, the fellas discuss the "Breaking Bad" finale (50:30) and where the show ranks among the all-time greats. 

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Shek is joined by Archie Manning to discuss "Book of Manning"; which of his NFL sons would win in a foot race & Ole Miss's chances in Alabama this Saturday. Bengals CB Terence Newman also calls in to talk about the Bengals' nice start, intercepting Hall of Fame quarterbacks, and playing football on set of "Transformers 4" with director Michael Bay and actor Mark Wahlberg. Plus, Elliot Harrison squares off with Marc Sessler in the Week 4 red challenge flag picks segment.

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Shek & Rank are joined in Studio 66 by 'Around The League' scribe/podcaster Chris Wesseling & Miami Dolphins superfan Handsome Hank to break down the fast starts of Chicago, New Orleans & Miami and the deep holes dug by the likes of the Steelers, Falcons, Redskins & Packers in a spirited edition of 'Dead or Alive'; the gang also finds to time to breakdown Cialis ads and (almost) discuss 'Breaking Bad'.

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Shek, Elliot Harrison & Handsome Hank react to the breaking Trent Richardson-to-the-Colts news, go through their weekly Red Challenge Flag picks segment with games including HOU vs. BAL, GB vs. CIN, STL vs. DAL, ATL vs. MIA, plus thoughts on Tom Brady's body language. Then, Chargers defensive end Dwight Freeney then calls in for a chat with Shek & Rank about the Bolts' bounceback win in Philly, running QBs, and who's the slowest QB in the game today.

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Shek, Rank and Handsome Hank are joined by Dan Hanzus to recap the best (Seahawks) and worst (weather delays) from Week 2 in the NFL. Daniel Jeremiah also calls in to discuss the best 2-0 team in the NFL and LeSean McCoy's one-of-a-kind running ability. 

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Shek, Hank and Elliot Harrison preview the best Week 2 matchups in the NFL and pick the winners. Plus, Shawne Merriman and former Seattle Seahawks fullback Michael Robinson join Studio 66 to discuss the rise of the mobile quarterback. Is the NFL making a shift away from the "traditional" drop-back passer? 

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Shek, Rank and Hank recap all the NFL action from Week 1 including surprisingly good outings by the Jets and Raiders, the apparently bleak future for the Steelers and the Bills’ chances in the AFC East. Daniel Jeremiah calls in to discuss Colin Kaepernick vs. Russell Wilson and other quarterback news from around the league. Plus, a very special message from peppermint milkshakes. 

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Shek & Rank celebrate the start of the season in style, thanks to a call-in from show favorite AJ Hawk, who talks about Greg Jennings' comments about Aaron Rodgers, kicking off in Candlestick, Big Ten football and more. Shawne Merriman then pays a visit to Studio 66 with his thoughts on hitting running QBs, Buffalo vs. San Diego and Riley Cooper; Handsome Hank also stops by to help the fellas make their Week 1 picks. In summation, it was a gay ol' time. 

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Shek is joined by Rich Eisen and Handsome Hank as he makes his final NFC and AFC predictions, including more (really) bold predictions, for the 2013 NFL season. Plus, Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle Geno Atkins on Andy Dalton's ceiling, Giovani Bernard's potential and arm wrestling with James Harrison. 

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Shek is joined in Studio 66 by the host of the college-football-centric “NFL Draft 365” podcast, Matt “Money” Smith, for a preview of the 2013 college season. Subjects include: the new final four championship system; Nick Saban's Crimson Tide vs. Pete Carroll's Trojans; Heisman frontrunners and title contenders.

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Shek is joined in Studio 66 by LaDainian Tomlinson - the subject of NFL Network's 'A Football Life' next Tuesday at 8pm ET - and scribe Elliot Harrison to break down Rex Ryan's breakdown, his future with the Jets, which QB the Jets should start in Week 1,and Mark Sanchez's NFL future. Plus, thoughts on Miley Cyrus, Ben Affleck as Batman, and what to expect from the Broncos, Chiefs & Ravens in 2013.

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Shek is joined by longtime Steelers shutdown corner Ike Taylor to discuss Pittsburgh rookies Jarvis Jones and Markus Wheaton, Antonio Brown's ability to serve as the team's No. 1 wide receiver and whether Ike could date a woman named Tina. Shek also welcomes “Around The League” scribes Dan Hanzus, Marc Sessler and Chris Wesseling to debate who'll win the AFC North, as well which TV doctor would be the preferred choice if your life was on the line.

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Shek & Rank chat with Madden ratings czar Donny Moore who reveals the highest-rated offensive players in this year's game, the fastest quarterback in the NFL, and the best of the young QBs: Andrew Luck, RGIII, Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick. Former New England Patriots linebacker Willie McGinest then joins the show for a new "Inside Out" and NFL Fantasy Live's Michael Fabiano dishes on RGIII's fantasy value. 

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Shek and Rank are joined by Tennessee Titans quarterback Jake Locker to discuss the Titans' playoff chances, Johnny Manziel and how Locker plans on catching up with the other young QBs in the NFL. The guys also highlight the most intriguing games in Week 2 of the preseason and figure out which early-season storylines are here to stay. Plus, Shek and Black Tie theorize how "Breaking Bad" might come to a glorious end. 

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Shek and Rank welcome in "Around the League" scribe Chris Wesseling and NFL Fantasy Live analyst Marcas Grant for a wide-ranging conversation including the best and worst franchise jerseys to own, Dameshek's fantasy league with Don Draper and an interview with San Diego Chargers defensive end Dwight Freeney.  

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Shek and Rank welcome colleague Akbar Gbajabiamila to Studio 66 to discuss subjects like PEDs and racism in the locker room, including why Akbar believes Riley Cooper should be forgiven. The fellas also begin trying to figure out which jerseys are the best and worst to own for fans of all 32 franchises, and they preview which Week 1 preseason games to watch using NFL Preseason Live. 

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Shek welcomes Darren Sharper into Studio 66 to discuss the fallout from Riley Cooper's infamous remark, as well as what went on in the locker room during the Saints' Super Bowl win. 'Around The League' scribe Dan Hanzus stops by to yap about Shek's Loser Bowl idea and to rank the best Hall of Fame classes ever. Lastly, Fantasy Hall of Famer Michael Fabiano pays a visit to give an NFC East and AFC West fantasy football primer. 

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1.      Shek is joined in Studio 66 by future HOFer LaDanian Tomlinson and NFL Network analyst Elliot Harrison to discuss Johnny Manziel's behavior, what to expect from Philip Rivers in 2013, supporting Tony Romo and Harrison's Hall of Fame 50th Anniversary team.

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Dameshek is joined by Around The League editor Gregg Rosenthal to discuss Patriots coach Bill Belichick's comments on Aaron Hernandez and more hot topics from NFL training camps. Plus, fantasy geniuses Michael Fabiano and Marcas Grant provide a comprehensive fantasy football breakdown of players in the AFC East and NFC West. 

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Shek & Rank catch up with the NFL’s all-time best WR, Jerry Rice, to talk about the 2013 49ers, Colin Kaepernick’s choice in caps, the possibility of Calvin Johnson breaking his records, and how he avoided having to dive to catch passes. Handsome Hank and ‘Around The League’ scribe Marc Sessler also drop by to discuss whether high-profile quarterbacks like Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, Drew Brees & Tony Romo will win a future Super Bowl.

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On day two at the Tahoe Celebrity Golf tournament, Dameshek is joined by an all-star lineup of guests: NBA legend Charles Barkley, quarterback guru Trent Dilfer, voice of Super Bowl XLVIII broadcaster Joe Buck, Denver Broncos head coach John Fox and Golden State Warriors guard Steph Curry. Have a listen, won't you? 

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#DDFP hits the road at the Tahoe Celebrity Golf tournament as Dameshek chats with recently-retired Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher about life after the NFL, most difficult players to tackle and just how good the Bears should be this season. Podcast favorite and Green Bay Packers linebacker A.J. Hawk then joins the show to discuss the best and worst case scenario for the Packers this season and sings a duet of "Man in the Mirror" with Shek. Plus, former Pittsburgh Steelers great Jerome Bettis shares his thoughts on the AFC North and the best mode of transportation. 

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Shek and Rank are joined by NFL Network colleague and co-host of “American Ninja Warrior,” Akbar Gbajabiamila, for a rangy “Inside Out” conversation. Topics included: Chip Kelly's influence on the NFL; the lack of privacy in the locker room; dealing with teammates with questionable pasts; and which teams stand no chance of reaching the Super Bowl in 2013. “Around The League” scribes Dan Hanzus, Marc Sessler and Chris Wesseling jump in for the weekly “ATL Debate Club” to sample Vegemite and break down the AFC South and West as training camp draws near.  

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Shek and Rank kibitz with Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen about his worthy charity (, the 2013 Minnesota Vikings, playing outdoors, and which NFL mascots he could defeat in a fight. The fellas also welcome former Viking/current Raiders punter Chris Kluwe into Studio 66 to talk about his new book, “Beautifully Unique Sparkleponies,” his vocal support of gay rights, his band, road trip songs and kickers being too good. In addition, Around The League scribe Marc Sessler and Handsome Hank stop by for producer Black Tie's latest “Black List,” with topics including this summer's best sports story and Colin Kaepernick wearing a Miami Dolphins cap. Lastly, we end the podcast with a tune from Chris Kluwe's band, Tripping Icarus, titled "Misery." 

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Americans Shek and Rank celebrate the birth of the nation as British import Handsome Hank mostly sits in anguished silence. Among the show's breezy subjects:  the NFL's greatest uniform bracket, Rank's football movie bracket (both available on and the return of the Adam Rank Gridiron Podcast for Kids, with special guest Jack Youngblood. The week’s podcasting action wraps up with another spirited edition of the “ATL Debate Club” with hosts Chris Wesseling and Gregg Rosenthal previewing NFL training camps. 

Direct download: DDFP_168.mp3
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Shek and Rank welcome Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano into Studio 66 to discuss the Bucs' remade secondary, surviving the rugged NFC South, replacing a "players' coach" in Raheem Morris, good road trip songs and the Bucs' best uniform. Handsome Hank then stops by to play “Who's Got More Twitter Followers” and to debate which division would win a divisional version of the Pro Bowl. Black Tie offers his the latest shout out.

Direct download: DDFP_167.mp3
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Shek & Hank are joined by Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles to discuss the "Top 100 Players of 2013" finale, head coach Andy Reid and the comeback chances of Charles’ former college teammate Vince Young. Plus, full Aaron Hernandez reaction on the "ATL Debate Club." 

Direct download: DDFP_166.mp3
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Shek talks with Redskins QB Kirk Cousins about the mentality of a backup, tailoring the 2013 offense to avoid injuries, and RGIII's placement on “The Top 100 Players of 2013” list; Handsome Hank and Around The League scribes Dan Hanzus and Marc Sessler also stop by to guess which high-profile football players have the most followers, discuss who deserves the top spot on this year's "Top 100" list and take some listener calls. 

Direct download: DDFP_165.mp3
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Shek & Rank welcome old pal Steelers safety Ryan Clark back to Studio 66 to discuss Ben Roethlisberger off the field, Troy Polamalu's hopeful return to prominence & the state of the Steelers. Handsome Hank then joins in as the gang shares their respective top 10 NFL players lists in response to the Top 100 Players of 2013, plus some more 'Game of Thrones' talk. Lastly, Denver Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker joins the ATL Debate Club to wrap up the show. 

Direct download: DDFP_164.mp3
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Shek & Rank are joined in Studio 66 by Seattle Seahawks safety Earl Thomas. They discussed the emerging rivalry between the Seahawks & San Francisco 49ers,  his placement on NFL Network’s “Top 100 Players of 2013,” Richard Sherman's trash talk and who'd win a race among the Seahawks. The fellas are also joined by 'Around The League' Debate Clubber Dan Hanzus for the latest Black List. Topics include: the Cincinnati Bengals on “Hard Knocks,” the Red Wedding on “Game of Thrones,” and its place among the most disturbing scenes in TV history and the potential Blake Griffin-for-Dwight Howard trade.

Direct download: DDFP_163.mp3
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Shek yaps with Warren Sapp and Yahoo Sports' Mike Silver about a wide range of topics, including: Silver's recent Tebow/Belichick-related kerfuffle, the Top 100 Players list, eating meatballs with Dwayne Wade and the Steelers D.

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Dave Dameshek is joined by’s Around the League head honcho Gregg Rosenthal to talk about Tim Tebow joining the New England Patriots, the East Coast-West Coast NFL divide, best Super Bowl matchups and which physical sense we could most easily sacrifice if need be. Then, Dave turns his attention to record-setting Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten to talk about Jason’s ranking on NFL Network’s "The Top 100: Players of 2013" list and which NFC East team he most enjoys defeating. 

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Shek, Rank and Handsome Hank are joined by Atlanta Falcons pass catcher Roddy White to break down the latest list of names on the "Top 100" countdown, the competition between Roddy and teammate Julio Jones, and facing athletic quarterbacks. Then, the "ATL Debate Club" takes a look at which teams are poised for a surprise season and chat with their favorite "Tecmo Super Bowl" guru.

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Shek is joined by Handsome Hank & ‘Around The League’ scribe Dan Hanzus to remember Deacon Jones and discuss his significance in NFL history despite the lack of statistical context; the fellas then yap about which sports – or at least events within those sports – in which they might be able to defeat a pro; finally, Elliot Harrison jumps in to discuss the best possible Super Bowl matchups for February 2014.

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Dan Hanzus and Marc Sessler are joined by a living legend, former Cleveland Browns fullback Jim Brown, for a lively discussion about the bright future of his former club, his career as an actor and which current running back belongs on the NFL's Mount Rushmore of greats.

Plus, hear the disturbingly earnest letter one Marc Sessler once wrote to a prominent Hollywood director and much more.

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Shek, Rank and Handsome Hank are joined by Washington Redskins RB Alfred Morris to kibitz about where he ranks on “The Top 100 Players of 2013” list, RG3's health, what he's getting RG3 for his wedding, who'd win in a footrace between the NFC East QBs, and the best Redskins uniform. The fellas also discuss other questionable rankings on the “Top 100”, and which Super Bowl matchup would be the most compelling in February of 2014.

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Shek and Rank are joined by's fantasy hall of famer Michael Fabiano to begin plotting 2013 fantasy draft strategies. The fellas also kibitz with Around The League scribe Dan Hanzus about a number of subjects on the newest Black List, including NBA dynasties and JaMarcus Russell's comeback attempt. 

Direct download: DDFP_157.mp3
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Shek and Rank kibitz with Jacksonville Jaguars star Maurice Jones-Drew about the “Top 100 Players of 2013” countdown airing on NFL Network, the dawn of a new era in Jacksonville, pizza toppings and coaching 4-year-olds. Handsome Hank joins in for further top 100 players analysis, and the week of podcasting rounds out with an extended “ATL Debate Club”' in which Dan Hanzus and Marc Sessler yap with colleague Gregg Rosenthal and NY Daily News Jets beat writer Manish Meta. 

Direct download: DDFP_156.mp3
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Dave Dameshek is joined by "Handsome" Hank who fills in for Adam Rank, who is on assignment, with guest producer "Neck-tie" Milner. The trio open a can of worms on the best two-topping pizzas. Dave, as always, shows his age-ism by downplaying pineapple as well as the "scam" of hair conditioner. And by the way, half of the ATL debate club, Marc Sessler, joins the cast to share his list of the top quarterbacks in the league, much to the chagrin of Dave and Hank. Finally, Shek and Hank share their excitement for Super Bowl L in San Francisco as they prepare their restaurant checklist years in advance. 

Direct download: ddfp_155.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:55pm PST

Shek and Rank vent about the latest inaccuracies on “The Top 100 Players of 2013” list, including Ben Roethlisberger ranking behind 11 QBs and Demaryius Thomas ranking behind Dwayne Bowe. Rank and producer Black Tie then gently critique the latest Pro-Shek-tions, forecasting which teams will make the playoffs. Finally, the week of podcasting closes out with Marc Sessler and Dan Hanzus' “ATL Debate Club,” with mind-bending questions like which Brandon Flowers -- the Kansas City Chiefs cornerback or The Killers front man -- would be better at the other's job.

Direct download: DDFP_154.mp3
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Shek and Rank welcome Green Bay Packers linebacker A.J. Hawk back to the show to yap about rookie Datone Jones' comments (re: Colin Kaepernick), Green Bay's tough 2013 schedule, the summer movie he's most looking forward to seeing and having Clay Matthews pay for everything. Black Tie asks questions from the Black List, and the fellas critique each other's recent pigskin-related lists.

Direct download: DDFP_153.mp3
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Shek & Rank are joined in Studio 66 by show regulars Handsome Hank and “Around The League” scribes Marc Sessler and Dan Hanzus for a breakdown on various football lists like: the NFL Network's “Top 100 Players of 2013” show (with some talk on if Charles Woodson disliked Shek on Thursday night's reaction show), Hanzus's recent Top 30 RB rankings and Sessler's new Best NFL Rivalries rankings.  Plans for an upcoming sporting event are broken down, Black Tie asks another strange question and the week rounds out with the “ATL Debate Club.”  Enjoy it ... or don't.

Direct download: DDFP_152_new.mp3
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Shek & Rank talk with their old pal and recently re-signed Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Terence Newman about practicing against one of the NFL’s best wide receivers in A.J. Green, Cinco de Mayo vs. St. Patrick's Day and a new “Land of the Fox” battle. Handsome Hank also stops by to talk free agency and “Around The League” scribe Dan Hanzus' ranking of the top 30 running backs in the NFL.  

Direct download: DDFP_151.mp3
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Shek and Rank celebrate the big 1-5-0 with a visit from Mr. Fancy Pants, Marc Sessler, and a spirited discussion including the "Top 100 Players of 2013" reaction, the 2013 NFL Draft fallout, and the color best represented in food.  Black Tie gives a shout out, and the week of podcasting finishes with the Around The League’s Debate Club, featuring Sessler and Dan Hanzus on “Game of Thrones”, Hanzus' brush with fame, and maybe some pro football. Maybe.

Direct download: DDFP_150.mp3
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Shek & Rank dial up draft guru Daniel Jeremiah for his analysis of the biggest stories from Radio City Music Hall last weekend; Handsome Hank then stops by to yap about Jason Collins and the sports world's reaction to his coming out.

Direct download: DDFP_149.mp3
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In the 148th episode of the "Dave Dameshek Football Program," Dave and Adam Rank welcome in NFL Network comrades Shaun O'Hara and Darren Sharper to pull back the curtain on life as an NFL player. How much do players pay attention to the schedule? And which of our guests once ate a hot dog in a locker room bathroom? The good, the bad and the ugly of playing on the road is revealed.

Then, Shek and Rank are joined by columnist and football historian Elliot Harrison for a week-by-week breakdown of the best games of the 2103 season.

Plus, the guys preview the NBA Playoffs, Matt Barkley's NFL future, and much more. Grab your calendars and take a listen.

Direct download: DDFP148_1-2-4-19-13.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:15pm PST

NFL Network draft guru Daniel Jeremiah (@MoveTheSticks) pays a visit to Shek, Rank and Handsome Hank in Studio 66 to set the table for next week's action in Radio City Music Hall.  Among the topics: who Shek should take in next week's NFL Network mock draft, where Tavon Austin will go, and the toughest position to scout.  Rank continues his search for a NFL team to support, and Shek shares a yarn about rude restaurant customers.  Around The League scribes Dan Hanzus and Marc Sessler then stop by for a Black List, which addresses Kobe's Achilles, “Mad Men”, and the best surnames in sports.

Direct download: DDFP_147_new.mp3
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The door of Studio 66 swings fast and furious as Shek and Rank welcome San Francisco 49ers LT Joe Staley to talk about the Super Bowl's final drive, admiring o-linemen, and Joe's passions. UCLA's highly-touted linebacker Datone Jones checks in for the first of his Draft Diaries before NFL Network's main man Rich Eisen pops in to discuss Michigan basketball and the variety of NFL podcast producers. ATL Debate Club wraps the show with topics including more Richard Sherman controversy and the latest Darrelle Revis trade rumors.    

Direct download: DDFP_146.mp3
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Shek welcomes's Eliot Harrison and Around The League scribes Marc Sessler and Dan Hanzus to discuss one of the great title games in college basketball history, the return of “Mad Men” and the worst trios of NFL quarterbacks on a single team. Plus, Shek also gets new Colts QB Matt Hasselbeck on the line to yap about Andrew Luck, Super Bowl XL and the Seahawks’ uniforms. Producer Black Tie wraps the show with an all new shout out. 

Direct download: DDFP_145.mp3
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Shek and Rank are joined in Studio 66 by Carolina Panthers linebacker Jon Beason as the guys discuss Cam Newton's body language and commercials, the top team in the NFC South and the NFL’s best quarterbacks. Plus, in light of the recent Rutgers’ basketball controversy, Shek chronicles his time as a youth basketball player. Lastly, Dan Hanzus and Marc Sessler close the show with the latest edition of the "ATL Debate Club."

Direct download: DDFP_144.mp3
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Rank catches up with Baltimore Ravens WR Torrey Smith to talk about the state of the Super Bowl champions and this weekend's Wrestlemania. Before that, Shek, Rank, Around The League scribe Dan Hanzus and Handsome Hank talk about the worst injuries in sports history, Matt Flynn in Oakland; Carson Palmer in Arizona, March Madness, and Black Tie gives a shout out.

Direct download: DDFP_143.mp3
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Shek and Rank are joined in Studio 66 by Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant for a quick conversation about Tony Romo, "guaranteeing" a 2,000-yard receiving season and the Oklahoma State fight song. Around The League scribe Dan Hanzus also is on hand as the fellas address a wide range of topics on the Black List, including Matt Barkley's future, the 2013 Lakers, zombies and 'The Walking Dead,' and animated movies.

Direct download: DDFP_142.mp3
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Shek and Around The League scribe Dan Hanzus are joined in Studio 66 by new Seattle Seahawks pass rusher Cliff Avril to yap about moving from Detroit to Seattle, the emerging rivalry with the San Francisco 49ers, the best Cliffs, the free agency experience and other stirring subject matter. The guys also talk about Dan Hanzus attending "The Office" series wrap party, and a new "Shoutout" from Black Tie. 

Direct download: DDFP_141.mp3
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Shek, Rank and Handsome Hank welcome cornerback Terence Newman into Studio 66 for a wide-ranging conversation, with subjects including being courted in free agency, Oakland vs. Cincinnati, what Bill Parcells is like, speaking with an English accent and more.

Direct download: DDFP_140.mp3
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Shek and Rank are joined by pal/colleague Akbar Gbajabiamila for a thorough breakdown of an exhilarating week of free agency, including: Wes Welker's move to Denver; the NFC West arms race between Seattle and San Francisco; Nnamdi's future; and all the winners and losers.  And keep listening for the ATL debate club with Handsome Hank and Dan Hanzus.

Direct download: DDFP_139.mp3
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A special replay of Adam Rank's rangy one-on-one interview with Bills WR Stevie Johnson.

Direct download: ddfp_138.mp3
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Shek, Rank & Handsome Hank are joined in Studio 66 by Ravens LT Bryant McKinnie, who reacts to the Anquan Boldin and Percy Harvin deals, plus, what it's like being a Super Bowl champ and favorite dessert items. Rank goes one-on-one with Bills WR Stevie Johnson for a Revis vs. Sherman Gridiron Breakdown. Plus, Black Tie's latest Black List, with free agency & the Canada vs. Mexico brawl.  

Direct download: DDFP_137.mp3
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Shek, Rank and Around The League scribe/pal Dan Hanzus yap about Joe Flacco's new deal and what it says about NFL quarterbacks in general. Also, with fans begging LeBron James to bring the dunk contest back to life, the guys propose new NFL skills competitions for Pro Bowl week. Plus, how accurate are people at spelling out sounds that animals make? 

Direct download: DDFP_136.mp3
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Studio 66 overflows with NFL dignitaries as Shek and Rank welcome Tennessee Titans RB Chris Johnson, who talks about his pride in holding in the top 40 mark at the combine, the Titans’ needs for 2013 and his favorite ice cream flavor. Also joining the podcast is Washington Redskins LB London Fletcher, who talks about the biggest changes he’s seen over his decade and a half in the league, his first meeting with RG3 and what he knows about that city in England with which he shares a name. Plus, Black Tie returns to his producer’s chair and gives his famous shout out.

Direct download: DDFP_135_FINAL.mp3
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Shek and Rank yap with Handsome Hank and Dan Hanzus about the Hollywood superstars at the Academy Awards and the NFL stars-to-be at the combine in Indianapolis.

Direct download: DDFP_134.mp3
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Shek conducts a lengthy interview with Steelers safety Ryan Clark, who pulls no punches about his disappointment in an anonymous teammate who reportedly questioned linebacker LaMarr Woodley's effort this past season. Clark also yaps about Joe Flacco's improbable post-season and what it means for the Ravens going forward. He also talks about if QBs like Andy Dalton and Mark Sanchez are capable of similar such runs. Shek & Clark also find time to kibitz about going undrafted, the 'Best Human Organ', 'Best Invention Ever' and which players might not be wearing black and gold in 2013.  

Direct download: DDFP_133.mp3
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Shek yaps with Super Bowl champ Ray Rice about falling off the float; replacing Ray Lewis; and whether he wants to beat the Patriots or Steelers more. In addition - with Rank under the weather - Shek goes to the bullpen for 'Around The League' scribes Gregg Rosenthal, Dan Hanzus & Marc Sessler for spirited conversation about the NFL's equivalent of LeBron, solving the spread option, and the best landing spots for the big-name free agents. The week of podcasting ends on high note, with the 'Around The League' Debate Club's first-ever player guest, Seahawks CB supreme Richard Sherman.

Direct download: DDFP_132.mp3
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Shek and an under-the-weather Rank welcome Around The League scribes/podcast stalwarts Marc Sessler and Dan Hanzus along with England's No. 1 Dolphins fan, Handsome Hank, for a heated debate. Some of the topics discussed included South Carolina's Jadeveon Clowney, the scourge of Valentine's Day, the best jersey for a Baltimore Ravens fan to own, the 2013 NFL playoff seedings, and if Shek should tuck in his button-down shirts.

Direct download: DDFP_131.mp3
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Shek & Rank welcome Super Bowl champ Brendon Ayanbadejo to discuss winning the Lombardi Trophy, what the Ravens did during the blackout, the Niners' playcalling and Flacco's strategy to tackle Ted Ginn on the game's last play.  The fellas then talk with draft guru Daniel Jeremiah (@MoveTheSticks on Twitter) to talk about his upcoming mock draft on, where the Chiefs might go with the first pick, Sam Bradford’s future with the Rams and why Peyton Manning might actually be an underdog.  Plus, a new Black List with thoughts on Kobe Bryant vs. Dwight Howard and a trampoline-inspired “shout out” from Black Tie. 

Direct download: DDFP_130_new.mp3
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Shek and Rank are joined by Around The League hero @DanHanzus and Handsome Hank to talk about all things Super Bowl XLVII including the food in New Orleans, the mid-game blackout, and where this year's championship ranks among the best and most exciting Super Bowls of all time.

Direct download: DDFP_129.mp3
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On the final day of “ Live: Super Bowl XLVII,” Dave Dameshek and the gang chat with “Entourage” star Jeremy Piven and the cast of hit TV show “The League.” NFL players, including Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton, Green Bay Packers LB Clay Matthews, also join the program. Plus, the guys yap with two of the top quarterbacks in this year’s upcoming NFL draft, West Virginia’s Geno Smith and USC’s Matt Barkley. 

Direct download: DDFP_128.mp3
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Shek & Rank broadcast once again from New Orleans alongside Matt “Money” Smith and Jaime Maggio for the second day of “ Live: Super Bowl XLVII” coverage. “30 Rock” star Tracy Morgan highlights the day’s guests which also includes Saints QB Drew Brees, Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski, Texans RB Arian Foster & DE J.J. Watt, Giants DE Osi Umenyiora and former Cowboys QB Troy Aikman. 

Direct download: DDFP_127.mp3
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Shek & Rank broadcast live from New Orleans where they are joined by colleagues Matt “Money” Smith and Jaime Maggio. Interviews include Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck, New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning, actor David Koechner and much more. 

Direct download: DDFP_126.mp3
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In episode No. 125, Shek and Rank welcome Mr. Fancy Pants (Marc Sessler) and Handsome Hank to talk about the greatest dynasties in the Super Bowl era. We also talk about the Los Angeles Lakers and more fallout from the Manti Te’o fiasco. Have a listen, it’s delightful.

Direct download: DDFP_125_new__1-2-1-25-13.mp3
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Shek and Rank are joined by Around The League heroes @DanHanzus and @MarcSesslerNFL, 12-year-old Baltimore Ravens commentator Cullen Little, and birthday boy Handsome Hank to look ahead to Super Bowl XLVII and break down the conference championship games. Subjects discussed include the Tom Brady-Bill Belichick legacy, where the New England Patriots' dynasty ranks all time, where Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons go from here, plus, the risk/reward of drafting Notre Dame’s Manti Te'o.

Direct download: DDFP_124_1-2-1-22-13.mp3
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With the help of listener tweets, Shek, Rank and Black Tie provide immediate reaction to this week's remarkable batch of sports headlines, including the Philadelphia Eagles’ hiring of Chip Kelly, Manti Te'o's “girlfriend,” Lance Armstrong's confession, and -- oh yeah -- this weekend's two conference championship games. Then, the ATL Debate Club wraps the show. 

Direct download: DDFP_123_NEW.mp3
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Shek and Rank honor the classic divisional round playoffs with an equally spellbinding edition of the podcast.  Highlights include Baltimore Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo (@Brendan311) discussing his tweet about the New England Patriots' "gimmick" offense, driving to the stadium with Ray Lewis, why Joe Flacco succeeds in January, and the response a gay player would receive from his teammates. NFL personnel guru Daniel Jeremiah (@MoveTheSticks) breaks down another postseason Peyton Manning choke, the emergence of Colin Kaepernick, and who to draft first in 2013. Around The League's Dan Hanzus (@DanHanzus) talks about where last weekend's games ranked all time, who was at fault for the Denver Broncos’ loss, the Atlanta Falcons' near-collapse, and the most annoying people in commercials inspired by Black Tie's (@TundeSMD) weekly shout out. 

Direct download: DDFP_122.mp3
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