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Shek & Hank are joined by Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles to discuss the "Top 100 Players of 2013" finale, head coach Andy Reid and the comeback chances of Charles’ former college teammate Vince Young. Plus, full Aaron Hernandez reaction on the "ATL Debate Club." 

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Shek talks with Redskins QB Kirk Cousins about the mentality of a backup, tailoring the 2013 offense to avoid injuries, and RGIII's placement on “The Top 100 Players of 2013” list; Handsome Hank and Around The League scribes Dan Hanzus and Marc Sessler also stop by to guess which high-profile football players have the most followers, discuss who deserves the top spot on this year's "Top 100" list and take some listener calls. 

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Shek & Rank welcome old pal Steelers safety Ryan Clark back to Studio 66 to discuss Ben Roethlisberger off the field, Troy Polamalu's hopeful return to prominence & the state of the Steelers. Handsome Hank then joins in as the gang shares their respective top 10 NFL players lists in response to the Top 100 Players of 2013, plus some more 'Game of Thrones' talk. Lastly, Denver Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker joins the ATL Debate Club to wrap up the show. 

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Shek & Rank are joined in Studio 66 by Seattle Seahawks safety Earl Thomas. They discussed the emerging rivalry between the Seahawks & San Francisco 49ers,  his placement on NFL Network’s “Top 100 Players of 2013,” Richard Sherman's trash talk and who'd win a race among the Seahawks. The fellas are also joined by 'Around The League' Debate Clubber Dan Hanzus for the latest Black List. Topics include: the Cincinnati Bengals on “Hard Knocks,” the Red Wedding on “Game of Thrones,” and its place among the most disturbing scenes in TV history and the potential Blake Griffin-for-Dwight Howard trade.

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Shek yaps with Warren Sapp and Yahoo Sports' Mike Silver about a wide range of topics, including: Silver's recent Tebow/Belichick-related kerfuffle, the Top 100 Players list, eating meatballs with Dwayne Wade and the Steelers D.

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Dave Dameshek is joined by’s Around the League head honcho Gregg Rosenthal to talk about Tim Tebow joining the New England Patriots, the East Coast-West Coast NFL divide, best Super Bowl matchups and which physical sense we could most easily sacrifice if need be. Then, Dave turns his attention to record-setting Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten to talk about Jason’s ranking on NFL Network’s "The Top 100: Players of 2013" list and which NFC East team he most enjoys defeating. 

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Shek, Rank and Handsome Hank are joined by Atlanta Falcons pass catcher Roddy White to break down the latest list of names on the "Top 100" countdown, the competition between Roddy and teammate Julio Jones, and facing athletic quarterbacks. Then, the "ATL Debate Club" takes a look at which teams are poised for a surprise season and chat with their favorite "Tecmo Super Bowl" guru.

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Shek is joined by Handsome Hank & ‘Around The League’ scribe Dan Hanzus to remember Deacon Jones and discuss his significance in NFL history despite the lack of statistical context; the fellas then yap about which sports – or at least events within those sports – in which they might be able to defeat a pro; finally, Elliot Harrison jumps in to discuss the best possible Super Bowl matchups for February 2014.

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Dan Hanzus and Marc Sessler are joined by a living legend, former Cleveland Browns fullback Jim Brown, for a lively discussion about the bright future of his former club, his career as an actor and which current running back belongs on the NFL's Mount Rushmore of greats.

Plus, hear the disturbingly earnest letter one Marc Sessler once wrote to a prominent Hollywood director and much more.

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