NFL: The Dave Dameshek Football Program

Shek is joined by Handsome Hank and former NFL scout Bucky Brooks to debate the top running backs of the Super Bowl era before delving into a preview of the NFC South (26:00). Nate Burleson then stops by to discuss his top wide receivers poised for a breakout season (44:40) and entertaining Brock Lesnar and Randy Moss stories. 

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Shek is joined by Handsome Hank and Bucky Brooks to reveal some really bold predictions for the 2015 NFL season (10:15) and debate who's in more danger of missing the playoffs: New England or Denver (34:30)?

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Shek is joined by Handsome Hank and former NFL player Nate Burleson to discuss the potential rebranding of Johnny Manziel (20:08) and players that might not be as authentic as they seem on camera (25:33). The guys then debate which teams have zero playoff chances in 2015 before a "Game of Thrones" spoilers-filled discussion (51:43). 

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Shek is joined by former Seattle Seahawk Michael Robinson (15:44) to discuss LeBron James’ performance in the NBA Finals and to weigh in on the best college fight song of all time. Then, former NFL and USFL player Hershel Walker joins Shek to discuss his playing career, MMA fighting and Donald Trump (39:50).

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Shek is joined Handsome Hank and Bucky Brooks to list their All-NFC South team (7:07) as well as their literal All- Quarterback squad (23:37). Shek is also joined by former linebacker Bart Scott (36:47) to break down his playing career and the 2015 season. 

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Shek is joined by Handsome Hank and Elliot Harrison on his birthday to rank the top-25 running backs of the Super Bowl Era (6:23). Then, the guys take a look at running backs that made their name in the USFL (55:33) and talk some NBA Finals. 

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Shek is joined by Handsome Hank and Marcas Grant to discuss the Niners historically bad offseason (10:21), a possible Mike Vick return (24:04) and a Game of Thrones recap (30:10). The guys also continue the heated best triplets from around the league debate.

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Shek is joined by Handsome Hank and Bucky Brooks to discuss what the MVP trophy should be called (8:02), Cam Newton's new deal and give their take on which team in the NFL has the best triplet (15:05). 

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Shek is joined by Hall of Famer Mike Haynes (8:40) to discuss the potential of a football team relocating to Los Angeles, the best cornerbacks in the NFL today and the moment that changed his football career forever. 

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