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Shek travels to Indianapolis to sit down with Ike Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew to talk NFL scouting combine. The guys talk about their favorite prospects, and even talk about their own combine experiences. Lastly Rand Getlin joins the show to talk about available free agents. Will Ike run the 40-yd dash? Will MJD get a new theme song? Will Shek ever stop shouting? Find out more on DDFP.

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Shek sits down with Marcas Grant and Alex Gelhar to discuss all of the news leading up to this week's NFL Scouting Combine. Shek talks about the future of both Peyton Manning and Calvin Johnson. The guys discuss Gronk's party boat, and whether or not they would want to be aboard. Lastly, Shek releases his QB list "circa" Super Bowl XL. Will Peyton end up in Los Angeles? Is RGIII finished? Does Shek really announce his bid for president? Find out more on DDFP. 

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Shek sits down with Handsome Hank and Ross Tucker to tackle the final week before the 2016 combine. They guys talk about Jared Allen's retirement video and the impact it has had on social media. Who are you lovin this week ranged from bowls to Justin Bieber. Lastly, Shek sits down with Super Bowl Champion Ronnie Hillman to talk about the Denver Broncos' success. Should T.O. be in the Hall of Fame? Are bowls really taking over? Does Ross Tucker love Justin Bieber? Find out more on DDFP. 

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Shek sits down with Handsome Hank and Aqib Talib to breakdown the Denver Broncos and their big Super Bowl 50 win. Shek asks Talib about his questionable defense against the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the future of Peyton Manning. Then Shek breaks down his Top 10 QBs circa Super Bowl XX. Who does Shek believe is at the top? Does Handsome Hank agree? Will Aqib Talib and Shek get along? Find out more on DDFP.

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Shek sits down with Alex Gelhar, Matt Harmon, and James Koh to breakdown Shek's early bird predictions for the 2016 NFL season. The guys talk Pittsburgh Steelers, Dallas Cowboys, and the future of the AFC South. Should Terrell Owens have been voted into the Hall of Fame? Will the Dallas Cowboys make it to Super Bowl LI? Who was the best QB circa Super Bowl X? Find out more on DDFP.

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Shek sits down with Handsome Hank, Ike Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew to discuss the final game of the season, Super Bowl 50. The guys talk Von Miller, and how his huge performance propelled the Broncos to victory. They also talk Peyton Manning's performance, and his future with the Denver Broncos. Ike talks about his experience losing a Super Bowl, and the impact it had on his team. Lastly the four preview Thursday's show by discussing who they think was the best defense of all time. What is next for Peyton Manning? Is Von Miller better than J.J. Watt? Will Shek congratulate the Broncos? Find out more on DDFP.

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Shek sits down with Handsome Hank and Dan Hanzus to preview the upcoming Super Bowl 50 matchup between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers. The guys make their picks, as well as predict how Super Bowl 50 will unfold. The guys then talk about what a win would mean for both teams, and potential MVPs for both squads. Then Shek is joined by the NFLUK podcast "Inside the Huddle" for lots of fun Super Bowl talk. What will another Super Bowl win mean for Peyton Manning? Can anyone stop Carolina? Do you really know Handsome Hank? Find out more on DDFP.

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Shek sits down with Handsome Hank, Ike Taylor, and Maurice Jones-Drew to talk about Super Bowl 50 and all of the festivities going on in San Francisco. They talk about both the Broncos and the Panthers road to Super Bowl 50, and which players they think played key roles to their success.  Then Anthony Barr joins the show and talks about the Vikings loss to the Seahawks. The guys then talk Calvin Johnson's retirement, as well as his chances of entering the Hall of Fame. Will Calvin Johnson make the Hall of Fame? Where would the Broncos be without Peyton Manning? What is all that background noise? Find out more on DDFP. 

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