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Shek is first joined by Handsome Hank to discuss which teams will have the top five picks in the 2017 NFL Draft, the best shows they've watched this summer and the Cowboys' quarterback situation. The guys also talk about Colin Kaepernick's decision to not stand for the National Anthem and the mixed reactions from around the league. Also, Shek talks with CBS Sports' Will Brinson about his predictions for the NFC South and NFC West divisions and why the Panthers and Cam Newton continue to be underrated. 

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Adam Rank returns to Studio 66 with Shek and Matt Harmon to discuss if the Vikings or Redskins will be able to repeat as division champions this year and which players will have their most successful seasons in 2016. They guys also weigh in on Shek's record and playoff predictions for all of the teams in both the NFC North and NFC East divisions. Plus, in honor of Producer Blacktie's last show, the guys answer questions from "The Blacklist" and participate in one last "Elimination Chamber" scenario.

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Shek is joined by Ike Taylor and Bucky Brooks to discuss Dak Prescott's hot start, Goff's brief appearances in the preseason and the Dolphins current offensive line issues.  The guys also break down what is the best option for a defense to match up against the Patriots' two tight end sets this season.  Plus, Shek predicts the record for each team in the AFC West & AFC South and they play another edition of the “Surprise Game Show.”

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Shek is joined by Handsome Hank and Matt Harmon to discuss the new names for the Dolphins' and Bills' stadiums, head coaches already on the hot seat and what they're looking forward to in Preseason Week 2. They guys also weigh in on Shek's first record and playoff predictions for all of the teams in both the AFC North and AFC East divisions. Plus, the guys participate in another edition of "Surprise Game Show."

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Shek is joined by Ike Taylor, Matt Harmon and Matt "Franchise" Franciscovich to review Week 1 of the NFL Preseason and determine what truths and lies came out of the major storylines. The guys also discuss the fantasy value of players such as Jared Goff, Brock Osweiler and DeMarco Murray. Then, Producer Sean "Sully" Sullivan joins the show to reveal his list of comparisons between top wide receivers and popular desserts. Plus, Ike Taylor answers Bengals running back Jeremy Hill's relationship question in the latest edition of "Dear Ikey."

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Shek is joined by Handsome Hank and Patrick Claybon to review the latest Bourne movie and discuss which NFL athletes could succeed in lesser known Olympic events. The guys also attempt to review the first episode of "Hard Knocks" and debate whether or not Jared Goff will be ready to start in Week 1. Then, Shek is joined by CBS Sports' Jonah Keri to determine the top six athletes across all major league sports who would make it into their prestigious "Hall of All." Plus, the guys participate in another edition of "Surprise Game Show."

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Shek is joined by Handsome Hank and Ike Taylor to discuss Tim Tebow's desire to play in the MLB, which NFL players could beat Usain Bolt in the 40-yard dash and proper etiquette for rookies in the locker room. The guys also debate whether or not Eli Manning is a Hall of Fame quarterback and what attributes help a player land a spot in the Hall of Fame. Lastly, Shek previews his interview with Jared Goff and the guys determine whether or not Robert Griffin III will make a comeback this year. Plus, the guys participate in another edition of "Surprise Game Show."

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Shek is joined by Patrick Claybon, Daniel Jeremiah and Marc Sessler to discuss their predictions for the AFC North, as well as which head coaches they believe could still play. The guys also reveal their favorite Olympics memories and determine who can be rightfully labeled as the worst starting QB in the NFL. Then, Shek provides his "Mid-Summer Fruit Report" and responds to fruit-related conundrums put forth by the Shek Republic. Plus, the guys participate in another edition of "Surprise Game Show" and prepare for the "BlackTie Movie Event."

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Shek is joined by Maurice Jones-Drew and NFL Media’s Matt Harmon.  The guys discuss Tyrann Mathieu’s extension and debate if he is the most valuable defensive player in the NFL.  Plus, they talk about Shek’s list of the best triplets headed into 2016 and which young running backs have potential to be future stars.

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