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Dave Dameshek is joined by Patrick Claybon, Handsome Hank, and Matt "Money" Smith to discuss who has the better Super Bowl resume Tom Brady or Joe Montana. The guys also take some time to debate the best Super Bowl of all-time followed by a heated debate if hamburgers are sandwiches. Finally the guys bust out the 10 foot pole to discuss some predictions for the upcoming Super Bowl LI matchup between the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots.

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Shek is joined by Patrick Claybon, Handsome Hank and Matt "Money" Smith to discuss who's worth trading up for in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft, debate how good Deshaun Watson is and honor Mary Tyler Moore with a best working women on TV discussion. Also, ahead of Super Bowl LI Media Day and NFL Honors, Shek asks the guys for suggestions on new bits he can use with players and coaches. Plus, the fellas determine if they would rather be a GM, TV analyst or politician based on Peyton Manning's next potential career move. 

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Shek is joined by Ike Taylor and Cynthia Frelund to discuss the news of Ben Roethlisberger contemplating retirement, rate the Super Bowl LI matchup on a scale of 1-10 and discuss if Aaron Rodgers is to blame for the Packers' loss. Also, the fellas and Cynthia talk about the key Super Bowl LI position matchups and highlight some of the best all-time Super Bowl uniforms. Plus, the guys discuss which teams who missed the playoffs this year could ultimately make the Super Bowl next season.

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Shek is joined by Matt Harmon, Handsome Hank and Matt "Money" Smith to discuss if Matt Ryan, Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger and Aaron Rodgers are the best final four quarterbacks ever. The guys also got into what will each of these quarterbacks legacy be if they win Super Bowl 51. Then they all make their Red Challenge Flag Picks for the AFC and NFC Championship games. 

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Shek is joined by Ike Taylor, Handsome Hank and Cynthia Frelund to discuss which team has the best roster minus the QB and determine what was the least impressive win over the weekend. Also, Shek brings back the Orbach Factor to admit he was wrong about Matt Ryan in the preseason. Then, the fellas and Cynthia talk about Antonio Brown's locker room video and Travis Kelce's postgame comments. Also, the guys discuss hypothetical losing scenarios for each team, highlighting their individual weaknesses. Plus, A.J. Hawk returns to talk about the Packers' impressive playoff performance so far and his pick for Super Bowl LI.

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Shek is joined by Gregg Rosenthal, Matt "Money" Smith and Matt Harmon to discuss the Chargers' move to Los Angeles, revisit the "Curse of S'posta" and evaluate Gregg's NFL QB index. Also, Matt "Money" Smith serves as the play-by-play announcer for a Madden simulation of Shek's famous "Loser Bowl" played between the San Francisco 49ers and the Cleveland Browns. Then, the guys make their selections and break down the divisional round games in this edition of Red Challenge Flag Picks.

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Shek is joined by Ike Taylor and Cynthia Frelund to discuss whether or not Mike Tomlin should've left Ben Roethlisberger in the wild card game, determine if Mt. Pious is to blame for Odell Beckham's drops and choose the second best coach remaining in the playoffs. Then, Ike and Cynthia weigh in on Bud Dupree's controversial hit on Matt Moore and decide if it was a dirty play. Also, the fellas rank the remaining quarterbacks in the playoffs. Plus, Kevin Harlan joins the show to talk about the upcoming matchup between the Steelers and the Chiefs, his craziest experience as an announcer and his childhood fandom of the Packers.

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Shek is joined by Handsome Hank, Patrick Claybon and Matt Harmon to determine which players participating in Wild Card Weekend are destined for the Hall of Fame and discuss whether they would rather have an older, experienced head coach or take a chance on someone new. Also, the fellas talk about which players and teams need to "Wake Up and Win" this weekend and Shek and Hank place a friendly wager on the Dolphins-Steelers game. Then, the guys make their selections and break down the wild card games in this edition of Red Challenge Flag Picks.

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Shek is joined by Ike Taylor and Cynthia Frelund to cast their 2016 MVP ballots, discuss the Giants' wide receivers' trip to Miami and choose the best head coaching vacancy. Then, Ike and Cynthia weigh in on the impact of a bye week during the playoffs from both a player and statistics perspective. Also, in this week's edition of "10 Foot Pole" Shek asks whether or not Tony Romo will take a snap during the playoffs. Plus, the fellas and Cynthia review the parallels between Tony Romo's current situation and Joe Montana's circumstances with the 49ers in 1992.

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