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Dave Dameshek is joined by actor Brian Baumgartner to discuss the rise and fall of the 2016 Los Angeles Rams as depicted in Amazon's second season of All or Nothing. The guys hone in on Jeff Fisher's firing and discuss what must've been going on in the minds of the coaching staff and the players when he was fired mid-season. Also, the guys delve into the realities of how teams stay motivated during a losing season and the development of Jared Goff as we get closer to the start of his second year.

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Dave Dameshek is joined by Ike Taylor and Colleen Wolfe for another Q&A session where they answer football and "game of life" questions from the fans and NFL players. 1. Which QB who lost his last SB is most likely to win another? 2. What's the best animated film of all-time? 3. Will the Packers make the Super Bowl this year? 4. What's the best sporting event for a date? 5. Would you still start Brady over Rodgers at this point in their careers? 6. What do you think of today's generation of music?

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Dave Dameshek is joined by Cynthia Frelund and Matt "Money" Smith to discuss Money's new job with the Chargers and determine whether his new team or the Rams will ultimately win over L.A. sports fans. Also, the fellas and Cynthia debate whether Dak Prescott or Derek Carr will reach the most Super Bowls and who has the tougher division. Then, in this edition of "Cynthesize It!" Cynthia breaks down her analytics-based prediction for the order of the final ten players on the "Top 100" list. Lastly, Alex Gelhar joins the show to participate in a TV show themed "Elimination Chamber."

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Dave Dameshek is joined by Handsome Hank, Ike Taylor and New Orleans Saints defensive end Cam Jordan to engage in another Q&A session where they respond to questions from fans and current NFL players. 1. Who are your top 5 players of 2017? 2. What superhero or villain best represents your style of play? 3. Does any team have a better pass rushing duo than Bosa and Ingram? 4. Should fans and players root for their divisional foes after they're eliminated from contention? 

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Dave Dameshek is joined by Colleen Wolfe and Ike Taylor to answer the most pressing football and "game of life" questions presented by members of the Shek Republic and current NFL players. 1. If the Ravens get Decker where would you rank their offense in the AFC North? 2. Will the Falcons' secondary return to dominance in 2017? 3. What's the biggest animal you could take in a fight? 4. Who has the best defense of all time? 5. If you could create an expansion team for any sport, where would they be located and what would be their mascot?

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Dave Dameshek is joined by Ross Tucker and Handsome Hank to discuss if the Patriots qualify as the NFL's "super team" and the attitude differences among the league's most popular fan bases. Then, in the "The Food Block," Shek challenges Ross to make good on a doughnut-related claim from last summer. Also, in our new segment, "Let's Be Brief" the fellas attempt to speedily answer a series of football and "game of life" questions. Plus, the guys are joined by a surprise guest who happens to have a killer Ross Tucker impression.

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Dave Dameshek is joined by some very talented analysts from across NFL Media, all of whom happen to be women. Kay Adams, Cynthia Frelund and Colleen Wolfe sit down with Shek to talk about the nuances of the new celebration rules and what changes they would personally implement in 2017. Also, the ladies talk about the loudest sports venues and review Dave's pick for the first Sheky category of the year, best doughnut. Lastly, Cynthia, Colleen and Kay describe how they each got to where they are today in their careers and offer advice to those who also want to work in sports.

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Dave Dameshek is joined by Ike Taylor and Colleen Wolfe to answer the best football and game of life questions from current players as well as members of the Shek Republic. The fellas and Colleen debate which QB drafted since 2010 will be considered the best 25 years from now, as well as which players from the 2017 Draft will ultimately make it into the Hall of Fame. Lastly, in the "game of life" category, Ike and Colleen talk about which summer movies they are most looking forward to seeing and the best brunch foods.

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Dave Dameshek is joined by Marc Istook and Patrick Claybon to discuss the NBA Finals, their "life résumé" accolades and whether or not the 2016 College All-Americans could beat the 2016 Atlanta Falcons. Also, in another edition of "Half Empty, Half Full" the fellas talk about the positives and negatives facing the Tennessee Titans ahead of the 2017 NFL season. Plus, the guys participate in a coaching-themed surprise game show and discuss the best comedy movies of the past few decades. Lastly, Shek reads responses from members of the Shek Republic about which all-time NFL teams and players fell short of high expectations.

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