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Shek is joined by NFL Media’s Chris Wesseling and Patrick Claybon to match comparable NBA and NFL players. The guys also play another edition of “Dead or Alive” and debate if J.J. Watt is still the best defensive player and if the power run game still plays a large role in the league. Shek is later joined by Chicago Bears lineman Kyle Long for another edition of “Killin’ time with Shek.”  

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Shek is joined by NFL Media's Maurice Jones-Drew and Handsome Hank to review this week's Game of Thrones fantasy results. The guys also analyze the recent Bills injury news regarding Shaq Lawson and Sammy Watkins. MJD then breaks out another edition of "No Disrespect" on Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles.  

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Shek is joined by NFL Media's Dan Hellie and Handsome Hank to discuss players who need to get a "monkey off their back" in 2016. Shek then talks to Kyle Long about Jay Cutler's demeanor and Game of Thrones. The guys wrap by playing a surprise game show and "A moment of Pigzkin". 

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Shek and Handsome Hank are joined by Ike Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew.  The guys discuss their favorite TV theme songs & Paxton Lynch’s potential.  Plus, Ike & MJD talk about which NFL figures they looked up to during their careers. To close the show, they rank the best and worst current running back groups & draft a “Game of Thrones” fantasy team.

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Shek is joined by NFL Media’s Bucky Brooks and Chris Wesseling to debate if the Broncos have enough in the tank to repeat next season and if DeMarco Murray can continue to produce 1,000 yards a season with the Titans. The guys also analyze the worst quarterback trios in the NFL.

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Shek and Handsome Hank are joined by NFL Network's Charles Davis to recap the NFL Draft including the Cowboys' top picks and ranking the top quarterbacks selected. Shek and Hank then discuss the Laremy Tunsil situation before diving into Sunday's "Game of Thrones" episode (59:22 #SpoilerAlert!).

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In Chicago for the 2016 NFL Draft, Shek is joined by MJD and Ike Taylor as they discuss their draft experiences, including MJD breaking down the "Maurice 5." Then, “Money” joins the show to discuss Chicago’s best athlete of all-time and the Bear’s future at quarterback. Plus, a hot dog topping debate.

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Shek sits down with Ike Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew to discuss Josh Norman signing with the Redskins and to share their draft week stories. Then, Shek and Blacktie react to Tom Brady’s suspension being reinstated and wrap the show breaking down the season 6 premiere of “Game of Thrones

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Shek sits down with Handsome Hank and Fantasy Writer/Editor Alex Gelhar as they discuss the Eagles trading for the No. 2 pick in the 2016 NFL Draft and the Panthers decision to rescind the franchise tag from Josh Norman. Then, the guys break down picks 26-32 of the All-Time Draft of 2016. 

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Shek sits down with Handsome Hank and NFL Network’s Dan Hellie and Patrick Claybon as they discuss who the Rams should take with the No. 1 pick in the 2016 NFL Draft and if Andrew Luck is still the premiere young QB in the NFL. Then, the guys break down picks 21-25 of the All-Time Draft of 2016.  

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