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Dave Dameshek is joined by the first couple of Philadelphia sports, Colleen Wolfe and John Gonzalez, to discuss Philly fans' booing philosophy, and rank the city's true sports rivals. Also, in this edition of "Half Empty, Half Full" Colleen and John predict where the Eagles will finish in the NFC East this season. Then, EmmaVP reads Shek's "internal" memo to the producers, where he shows his true colors in defining a new code of conduct for show production in the offseason. Plus, another Producer Conference, covering the NBA, rompers for men and best movie theater treats!

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Dave Dameshek is joined by Handsome Hank and Bald Bryan to discuss Colin Kaepernick's future and where he could realistically land in response to the rumors of interest from Seattle. Then, the fellas revisit Bald Bryan's ongoing list of "actor redundancies" and review some of the greatest movie streaks by prominent actors, highlighting Harrison Ford and Tom Hanks. Plus, Producer Sully provides his latest football player-food comparison list, this time drawing parallels between defenders and popular snack foods.

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Dave Dameshek is first joined by Seattle Seahawks defensive end Cliff Avril to discuss his team's dominant defense and how they plan to bounce back in 2017. Also, Shek asks Cliff about Earl Thomas being the Seahawks' "jenga piece" and gets his insider's perspective on the Richard Sherman trade rumors. Then, in response to Shek referring to Philip Rivers as a "borderline" Hall of Famer on NFL Network's Top 100 reaction show, Chargers cornerback Casey Hayward joins the show to defend his teammate. Plus, Casey weighs in on how the Chargers plan to win the AFC West this season and details his Los Angeles moving plans.

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Dave Dameshek is joined by Michael Fabiano and Cynthia Frelund to discuss Fabs' recently released list of the Top 200 Players for 2017. The fellas and Cynthia talk about the potential strategy the Raiders will utilize with the return of Marshawn Lynch, as well as the impact Eddie Lacy could have in Seattle. Also, the guys determine which running backs are prime for breakout 2017 seasons, highlighting Jordan Howard's performance so far in Chicago. Lastly, with LeGarrette Blount's future still being uncertain, the guys discuss the best potential landing spots for him this season.

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Dave Dameshek is joined by Handsome Hank and Patrick Claybon to discuss the news of Jamaal Charles signing with the Denver Broncos and how this affects C.J. Anderson going forward. The guys also debate which newly relocated running back, including Jamaal Charles, Marshawn Lynch, Adrian Peterson and Mike Gillislee, will have the most success in 2017. Then, the fellas react to the list of players revealed so far from the "Top 100 Players of 2017" and discuss if Alex Smith deserves his current spot. Plus, the guys rank the Star Wars movies in honor of May the 4th!

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Dave Dameshek is joined by Handsome Hank, Matt "Money" Smith and Cynthia Frelund to break down the 2017 NFL Draft, beginning with the Chicago Bears' controversial pick of Mitchell Trubisky. Also, Dave details his positive experience in Philadelphia, while also calling out Philly fans for inadvertently booing themselves during speeches from the Commissioner and Drew Pearson. Then, the fellas and Cynthia discuss the Chargers' impressive picks and commend the Browns and Jets for not reaching for QBs this year. Lastly, Money declares the Chiefs as one of his Draft losers and the guys talk about the best potential fits for Jay Cutler now that the Draft is complete.

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Dave Dameshek is joined by Good Morning Football hosts Kay Adams and Kyle Brandt from the Logan Hotel in Philadelphia to review the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft. Also, Shek asks Kay and Kyle about their Chicago Bears fandom and how they feel about the team selecting Mitchell Trubisky. Then, Kay and Kyle describe their "Life Resumes" as well as their career paths in media. Lastly, Shek poses his latest elimination style game to Kay and Kyle, as they rank pizza, TV, sex and their own favorite activity.

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Dave Dameshek is joined by Ike Taylor in Philadelphia, the site of the 2017 NFL Draft, to interview the top players selected in the first round, including Deshaun Watson, Leonard Fournette, Mitchell Trubisky, Jamal Adams and Jonathan Allen. The fellas ask the NFL's newest rookies about their emotions leading up to being drafted and how they plan to contribute to their teams in 2017. The guys also interview Texas A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin to discuss the impact his former player, Myles Garrett will have on the Cleveland Browns' defense.

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Dave Dameshek is joined by Ike Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew as they answer some of the most pressing questions from you, the fans! Ike lays out his top Draft sleepers, and dishes out some solid romance advice while MJD talks about what it’s like for athletes to play through injury, and what he thinks of the Jaguars draft strategy.

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Dave Dameshek is joined by Handsome Hank to discuss the 2017 NFL schedule being released today as they broke down the games week by week. Shek and Hank also played a game of Over/Undies and have a Mock Draft of Things: fictional football players edition. Then, Shek is joined by Houston Texans left tackle Duane Brown who spoke about Tony Romo retiring, Tom Savage playing quarterback and blocking J.J. Watt.

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