NFL: The Dave Dameshek Football Program (podcast)

Following a Week 1 loaded with breakouts, comebacks, and busts, Shek and @AdamRank talk with Detroit Lions WR Nate Burleson about the Lions’ escape against the St. Louis Rams, this week's “Handshake Game” against the San Francisco 49ers, and ripping the dome off Ford Field. The fellas are also joined by Around The League scribes @DanHanzus and “Mr Fancypants” @MarcSesslerNFL, as well as Handsome Hank (@NFLUKHank) to discuss whether the New York Jets, Joe Flacco, Peyton Manning and Robert Griffin III will continue heading in the right direction, and if Michael Vick, the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Buffalo Bills and the Green Bay Packers are doomed going forward.

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Shek & Rank break down the Cowboys' surprising Wednesday night win with the help of Elliot Harrison and Handsome Hank; the fellas then offer their game-by-game picks for the regular season's first weekend of action.  Listen... unless you don't like football.

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To celebrate Pigskin Eve, Shek & Rank are joined by Around the League scribes Dan Hanzus (@DanHanzus) and Marc Sessler (@MarcSesslerNFL) for 60 minutes of NFL talk that leaves ZERO questions unanswered about the 2012 season just in time for kickoff.  What teams and players are going to break out?  Who will tumble?  Which coach is sitting on the hottest seat?  Who's going to the playoffs?  Who's going to New Orleans in February?  All these questions - plus the ones you posed on Twitter - are answered in this four-quarter battle for the truth (There's even a halftime show, courtesy of the one-man houseband Dick Banks).  Skip this podcast at your own peril... 

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Shek & Rank are in a celebratory mood with the arrival of football season and the return of new Patriots WR and official DDFP Music Critic, Brandon Lloyd. The fellas also catch up with Handsome Hank to talk about the self-inflicted damage his Dolphins have caused with their appearance on 'Hard Knocks', and 'Around The League' scribes visit Studio 66 for a spirited edition of 'Dead or Alive', with topics including Tom Brady, the Jets, and Dodgers/Red Sox trade.

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Shek & Rank are joined by's fantasy guru @Michael_Fabiano, as the trio provide commentary during the “NFL Fantasy Live” experts league fantasy football draft. Walk and chew gum at the same time?  No problem for these experts (and Shek). They debate Atlanta Falcons WR Julio Jones’ fantasy value, when to draft your starting quarterback and much more -- all while taping the podcast and ignoring Black Tie’s cry for a tight 45.

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Episode 86 features Dave Dameshek from New York City, as he prepares for three days of the NFL Fantasy Live Show as part of Fantasy Draft Week. Also joining the show are the Around the League fellas, Dan Hanzus and Mark Sessler, who participate in a new segment, “It’s a Quarterback League.” And Elliot Harrison rounds out this star-studded show as he sits in for “The Blue List” to talk Jon Gruden, Mike Scioscia and “Top Gun.” You’re gonna love it. 

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Shek & Rank talk with show pal T.J. Houshmandzadeh about his former teammate/longtime friend Chad Johnson's rough week and T.J's own NFL prospects for 2012. The guys are also joined by 'Around The League' scribes Marc Sessler (@MarcSesslerNFL) & Dan Hanzus (@DanHanzus) for a debate about whether or not the Dallas Cowboys will make the post-season and Shek's ranking of the team jerseys in America's four major sports leagues. Plus, the Black List reviews Adrian Peterson vs. Stephen Strasburg; and the best sitcom of all time.

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Shek & Rank welcome Pittsburgh Steelers star LaMarr Woodley to talk about the state of the team’s defense, facing Peyton Manning in Week 1, the absence of Mike Wallace and No. 56's ongoing pursuit of a degree from Michigan. The guys are also joined by Handsome Hank and Black Tie for a breakdown of Miami Dolphins coach Joe Philbin's handling of the Chad 85 mess, plus discuss the best jersey for a Philadelphia Eagles fan to own.

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Studio 66 is stuffed to the gills as Shek & Rank welcome back Handsome Hank from his journey to London, ‘Around The League' pal, Dan Hanzus, and the first ever female producer in DDFP history, Blue Tie.  The gang addresses Tebow & The Other Guy; Peyton Manning's first game as a Bronco; and debate how T.O. will play in Seattle. 

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Shek & Rank get Hall of Famer/former Washington Redskin/Fastest Man in NFL history Darrell Green on the line to talk about Usain Bolt's NFL prospects and potential 40-yard dash time; the 2012 'Skins; and chasing down Tony Dorsett. Also, Shek fills Rank in on the Hall of Fame festivities, including his conversations with “Mean” Joe Greene, Joe Namath and Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum; plus, thoughts on the Browns and Jets. 

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