NFL: The Dave Dameshek Football Program

Shek sits down with Handsome Hank and Ike Taylor  to discuss Marvin Lewis’ contract extension and the Broncos chances of repeating. Shek and the guys then break down picks 11-15 of the All-Time Draft of 2016 before wrapping the show talking with 2016 NFL Draft prospect Tyler Boyd.

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Shek sits down with Handsome Hank and Dan Van Kirk to discuss the the various beefs in the NFL and settle them once and for all.  Shek is then joined by Jacksonville Jaguars defensive lineman Malik Jackson to discuss his free agency decision and the Jaguars uniforms. Finally, they wrap the show discussing  picks 6-10 of the All-Time Draft of 2016.

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Shek sits down with Bucky Brooks, Maurice Jones-Drew, and Ike Taylor to discuss the elite corners in the NFL to determine if there are any true shutdown corners in the league today. The guys debate what Denver's best option is at the quarterback position. Shek and the guys discuss the best moments in sports. Plus, picks 1-5 of the All-Time Draft of 2016. See who the Titans would take #1 overall with every retired player ever available to them.

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Shek is joined by Around the NFL scribe Marc Sessler to talk about the Cleveland Browns, desserts, trophy poses, reckless Shekulation and so much more! Later in the show, Shek sits down with Heisman winner Derrick Henry to talk about ‘Batman v Superman’, the Heisman trophy and more. Will Marc abandon the Cleveland Browns? What’s Shek’s favorite dessert? Is DDFP hitting the road? Find out more on DDFP.

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Shek is joined by Maurice Jones-Drew and Patrick Claybon as they revisit Shek’s 2015 proSHEKtions. Later, the gang decide which division will be the worst in 2016 and Shek talks to Akeem Ayers on the Rams move to Los Angeles. Is Claybon back in Shek’s good graces? Did MJD see ‘Batman v Superman’? What is Shek’s favorite animated movie? Find out more on DDFP.

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Shek is joined by Handsome Hank as they touch on RGIII going to the Browns and the Los Angeles Rams getting set to appear on ‘Hard Knocks’. Later, Denver Broncos safety T. J. Ward and Maurice Jones-Drew join the show to talk about Super Bowl 50 and growing up together. Carolina Panthers cornerback Josh Norman joined the show to talk about his contract status. Will MJD reveal what T. J. stands for? Does Josh Norman believe in Dave Dameshek? Is Shek changing the title of his show? Find out more on DDFP.

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Shek is joined by Maurice Jones-Drew and Alex Gelhar to dive into the latest happenings around the NFL. The trio get into MJD’s mock draft on, breakdown Shek’s best QBs circa Super Bowl LX list and discuss a certain “First Take” host’s reaction to Shek’s best QB’s circa Super Bowl 50 list. Later, Shek sits down with Cardale Jones and Vonn Bell to talk about Shek’s dream of getting the pair on the Steelers. Which superhero does MJD have a tattoo of? What rule change does Gelhar want to see? Is Shek changing his name to Domeshek? Find out more on DDFP.

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Shek is joined by Bucky Brooks and Chris Wesseling for a star-studded show. The lightning round makes another return, along with Shek's now famous "Tops QBs circa" series. Later, Shek and Bucky talk to Clemson defensive end Shaq Lawson and the gang talk about the top teams in the AFC. Will Wess lose his cool over the Buffalo Bills? Will Bucky agree with Shek on his QB list? Does Shek have Terry Bradshaw in his Top 10 QB List circa Super Bowl 50? Find out on DDFP. 

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Shek sits down with Handsome Hank and Dan Hanzus to talk about the latest NFL news, Shek’s Top QB list through different decades and more! Did Shek change his QB list to annoy Hank? What does the gang think of the Chandler Jones trade? Is Dan Hanzus permanently joining DDFP? Find out more on DDFP.

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Shek sits down with Marc Istook to talk NFL free agency and more. Later, James Jones joins Shek in studio to talk about hoodies, being called James and more! Does Shek care more about the "Bachelor" than the NFL? Did James Jones wear a hoodie? Find out more on DDFP.

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