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Shek and Rank welcome their new pass-catchin' pal, Steve Smith of the Panthers, back to the program to make picks for Week 15's big games and discuss the Heisman Trophy. They also kibitz about LSU/Bama, uniforms, why 'The Notebook' is a good movie and breakfast meat. If this episode was a fruit, it'd be a peach.  Or a cherry. Or another good fruit. Have a bite, won't you?

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Shek & Rank deviate from pro football talk to yap with 'NFL Fantasy Live' pal and NBA authority, Matt 'Money" Smith to discuss the mess that was made with the Chris Paul non-trade and the Halos acquisition of Albert Pujols.

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It's episode No. 37 and the guys welcome in fellow 'NFL Fantasy Live' host Michael Fabiano to talk about the fantasy playoffs, Tim Tebow and much more. Plus, the boys look at the playoff picture if the season ended today. Don't worry, the season is not ending today. Handsome Hank also stops by to say Dave's favorite words. Check it out, won't you?

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On episode 36, the fellas talk about the NFL playoff picture if the season ended today; Tim Tebow; and interview their new buddy, Panthers WR Steve Smith.

After that, Rank commandeers the 'cast for the third episode of the Adam Rank Gridiron Podcast for Kids, and he (along with producer Black Tie) land Redskins CB DeAngelo Hall. It’s a swell time, won’t you listen?  

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Shek and Rank discuss what in the world of pigskin they're thankful for; what'll become of the Bears & Texans without their starting QBs; Thanksgiving side dishes; then, jump into the flux-capacitated DeLorean to next Tuesday.

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Shek & Rank cover the week's headlines, including the dawn of the Matt Leinart Era, Mark Sanchez's atrocious play, the AFC West, and David Nelson's pigskin gift for his cheerleader girlfriend; the guys then debate which Keanu QB character was better: Utah or Falco? 

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The fellas welcome Handsome Hank to talk Dolphins, Belichick & Karlos Dansby; then, Rank tracks down Jalen Rose to yap about Magic vs MJ, and after that catches up with Jerome Bettis to investigate the Rams' possible return to LA.

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We are officially at the halfway point of the NFL season so the fellas welcome back Zach “The Blue Horseshoe” Rosenfield of to look back at the preseason pro-Shek-tions and take a gander at the playoff landscape in both pro and college football. Rank also tries to defend his misguided notion that Magic Johnson was the greatest player in NBA history. It’s a thin slice of heaven, won’t you listen? 

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Dave and Rank welcome in NFL Fantasy Live host Jason Smith to yap about the greatest No. 32 of all-time. And Dave is floored when the best No. 32 was not Jim Brown. From there, they talk about the greatness of the Hartford Whalers uniform, Jets vs. the Bills, the Kardashian marriage and so much more. Won’t you listen? Yes, you will.

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Episode #31 proved to be too much show for just one podcast, so be sure after you listen to Side A, you flip it over to Side B to hear our discussion with Rank's delightful boyhood hero, the rugged Jack Youngblood.

 Side A: Rank ambushes the show with his one-on-one interview with Bills star Fred 'Action' Jackson; we also bring in Handsome Hank to yap about the silly controversy surrounding Ndamukong Suh's alleged remarks directed at Matt Ryan; we also talk about Timmy Tebow's short and long-term future under center; we introduce the newest Tie to our rack of producers; and we jump in the DeLorean and head to next Tuesday to see who wins this weekend's big games.

 Side B: Jack Youngblood kibitzes about playing on a broken leg; the (mis)treatment he's gotten from his old franchise since it moved to St Louis; the Rams' '79 run to the Super Bowl; tearing his bum on the ice in Minnesota; and more!

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