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Shek & Rank review the fascinating divisional round games, look ahead to the title games and bid farewell to Tebow with pals #89 Steve Smith and Handsome Hank. If you like football, you'll probably like this show.

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Steven Jackson joins Dave and Adam to talk about the hiring of Jeff Fisher, what he would do with St. Louis' first-round draft pick and the idea of the Rams one day moving back to Los Angeles. 

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Steven Jackson is in the studio to join the fellas for episode No. 46. The trio talk Jeff Fisher, the best Rams uniforms and where Jackson should live when the team moves to Los Angeles. Dameshek and Rank also take listener calls, as an old favorite dials in. Have a listen, won’t you?

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Shek presses through his Tim Tebow-induced anguish to break down the wild-card round with the help of Rank and DDFP's favorite 2012 Pro Bowler, No. 89 Steve Smith, who also talks about taking his Panther pals to Hawaii, bad QBs and Ike Taylor. Sudsy the NFL Stat Man then stops by to provide salient numbers leading up to the divisional round matchups.  Will you enjoy Episode 45?  To quote Marv Albert, "Yes!"

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Dave and Adam go game-by-game to talk a little playoff football and predict a Super matchup in Indy, then welcome in blogger extraordinaire Dan Hanzus to discuss the dreaded "Sanchize" label and the Jets' dysfunctions. Along the way, the guys talk a little college football, the Steelers-Ravens "rivalry," and rank the greats to proudly sport the number 44 upon their backs. Take a listen, won't you?

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Shek, Rank, Black Tie, and Handsome Hank hand out the annual Sheky Awards in categories including: Best NFL Uniform, Best Condiment, and Best Breakfast Meat; the fellas are then joined by DDFP's best guest of 2011, Steve Smith of the Carolina Panthers for a wide-ranging conversation on romantic Christmas gifts and contenders for the Super Bowl.

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It's episode No. 42, and the fellas welcome Eagles Pro Bowl running back and Harrisburg, PA. native Shady McCoy into the mix to get his take on who will win the NFC East and find out which one of his rivals he hates the most. McCoy also gives us a nomination for foxiest movie character of all-time. In short, it's a swell time and I encourage you to give it a listen. 

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For the first time since moving into Studio 66 in the Dave Dameshek Podcenter, Shek & Rank open the phone lines to kibitz with listeners; next, 'New Girl' star/ Bears fan/ Shek doppelganger Jake Johnson calls in to discuss - among other things - his upcoming audition for Rank's passion project 'Dave Dameshek: The Movie'; and finally, the first Land of the Fox Showdown in many moons focuses on Batman vixens.

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Shek & Rank welcome C.J. Spiller to talk about the Bills' early-season boon and late-season swoon; Buffalo's upcoming game against the Denver Tebows; Clemson's uniforms; and bleu cheese vs ranch dressing. Like the Packers' playoff chances, this episode's a good one. Take a listen, won't you?

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Shek and Rank welcome their new pass-catchin' pal, Steve Smith of the Panthers, back to the program to make picks for Week 15's big games and discuss the Heisman Trophy. They also kibitz about LSU/Bama, uniforms, why 'The Notebook' is a good movie and breakfast meat. If this episode was a fruit, it'd be a peach.  Or a cherry. Or another good fruit. Have a bite, won't you?

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