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Dave lambasts Rank for his Pick Six list of the NFL players he'd most like to see win a Super Bowl and offers up some better alternatives; the fellas debate if the Heat would've made the most hated champion in sports history; Dave and Rank choose which of the five teams being talked about for a move to L.A. would make the most sense;  and Dave tells a winning tale about his brush with a beer-filled Stanley Cup.  Oh, it's sweet.

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Dave and Rank tackle the next 10 players unveiled in the Top 100 players of 2010 list.  The two are up-in-arms over the player at No. 32 and another guard at No. 34.  

Overall, it's a thin slice of heaven - unless you're player No. 32 or 34.

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Interesting coincidence the Congressman Anthony Wiener scandal – aka “Wienergate” – happens to have broken here in the month of June, considering next week marks the 39th anniversary of the Watergate arrests.Since that time, every scandal has had the whole “—gate” thing. Enough is enough. Dave decides once and for all to put this business to rest.  Then the gang discuss the worst teams to root for, Plaxico Burress' return, and more in this thin slice of heaven. 

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Dave and Rank hit anger level five with the latest episode of the Top 100, numbers 50-41. Dave is particularly incensed that Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger did not crack the top 40, let alone the top ten. Apparently the players who voted on this did not see Roethlisberger come within two minutes of winning his third Super Bowl. Rank is especially interested in Brian Urlacher and how he will be regarded by Hall of Fame voters when his judgment day comes a-callin.’  

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With the hateable Heat on their way to an NBA title, Dave & Rank discuss the most despised teams in the NFL; the fellas also review Dave's playoff for the title "NFL QB Franchise", then set up a playoff for which team has had the most good linebackers; Dave announces the best player jersey for a Packers fan to wear; and finally, Handsome Hank pays a visit with his Tweet of the Week.  In summation, if you like football, you'll love this podcast.  Probably.

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Dave and Adam Rank discuss the players coming in 60-51 on the NFL Network's Top 100 players of 2010 list, focusing on the confusing standard that put Marques Colston ahead of 2010 stats leader Brandon Lloyd while leaving the likes of Stevie Johnson and Mike Wallace completely out.  The fellas also analyze whether Matt Ryan is deserving of being ranked at 52 when Eli Manning and his Super Bowl ring are nowhere to be found.

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Inspired by the redemptive powers of spring, Dave alters history in favor of Dannys White and Marino in the latest installment of the "N if L".  Then, on the heels of Ray Lewis' violent vision for a football-less future, Dave and podcast chum Adam Rank discuss the best apocalyptic movies ever.  Dave, Rank, and Necktie Milner also debate which NFL franchise has had the most great quarterbacks.  And finally, Handsome Hank reads tweets from Pittsburgh's outside linebackers responding to the so-called "Steeler Rule".  In summation, you're gonna love it.  Or will you?

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It is the first special edition of the Dave Dameshek Football  Program, as Dave’s critiques have driven him to offer you his instant opinion on the NFL’s Top 100 show on Sunday night on NFL Network. In this show, Dave and Adam Rank take a look at this week’s reveal, and talk about some of the biggest surprises of the week.

To make a long story short, it’s a thin slice of heaven. 

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Episode 2 of the Dave Dameshek Football Program opens with a shot across the bow to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell by talking about basketball. Dave suggests how LeBron James could have been a hero to the working man when he decided to take his talents to South Beach. While former LA Rams fan Adam Rank empathizes with the plight of the Seattle Sonics fans who are watching the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The fellas then hash out the toughest names in NFL history, and then continue the debate of the most overrated players currently in the NFL.

And finally, with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the news, the gang debates which actor has been in the most great movies in cinema history.

To make a long story short, it was gangbusters! 

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After last week's successful preseason edition podcast, Dave kicks off Episode One with the debut of "The N. if L.", the segment that answers how pigskin history could have changed if one play or event went the other way.  Dave and his pals, Adam Rank and Dylan Milner, then critique the NFL Network's 'Top 100' list of current players and offer some candidates for the league's most overrated players.  Handsome Hank stops by to read the Tweet of the Week (courtesy Reggie Bush), leading the fellas into a debate about whether fans care more than players.  Lastly, Dave reads listener tweets.  All in all, it was a peach of an hour...

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